Get Rowdy!

I got a new diaper bag. I have had a few, and this is by far my very, very favorite. Rowdy is a diaper bag company that you can trust to bring you cool products, while providing you with the most versatile bag of this kind that I have seen. It's got all sorts of features, like an insulated bottle holder, a changing pad, and a removable clutch so you can have a "purse" too. What I like most about this diaper bag, aside from it's rad look, is that it's enormous. I can carry diapers for both of my boys, along with snacks, drinks, wipes, etc. I have not found one yet that can hold as much as my Rowdy bag!
There are several styles & colors of bags to choose from. I went with the Rocker Convertible in copper, and I am quite pleased with my choice. However, I could have any one of these and been thrilled. They're all so uber-cool! Rowdy also offers changing pads and blankets. They've also got a couple of specials going right now too.

Just because you have a baby doesn't mean that you have to give up being a groovy person. You just have to seek out cool products so you and your kid stay hip! Take the first step by getting yourself a Rowdy diaper bag! To get 15% off of your purchase, enter "MUMS" when you check out!


Milk Mama said...

that's a nice bag! =D

kristie said...

yeah that is really cool! very stylish.