First Anniversary Bash: Day One - Zutano

*After emailing your Day One entry, click HERE for an extra chance to enter before this contest ends on 3/6/08!

Day one of The Mums Anniversary Bash is here! So glad you could join us. :) If you've been coming around you'll know that recently I posted about Zutano's HALF OFF sale going on right now. Seriously people, this boutique's clothing is excellent quality and long-lasting. The colors are so vibrant and funky and that's why we love them, not to mention they are so good to us and our readers.

Zutano is giving away a $250 gift certificate to their eBoutique!

Now, if you read our post that irons out some of our anniversary giveaway details, you'll know that each giveaway this week may be a little different. What's different about our Zutano giveaway is that we're giving you MULTIPLE chances to enter!

Here's the skinny:

To enter to win this $250 gift certificate, email us at mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com. Your subject line for Day One's entry should read: "Zutano - Day One". In the body of your message, let us know what you did for Valentine's Day. (Cute, huh?)

Certain days between now and March 6th, you will have more chances to enter to win this prize (yes, multiple entries!). The catch is, you'll just have to keep checking back for the next opportunity to enter for this prize.

We will notify you by posting and specifying that there is another chance for entry. Don't forget to scroll down past the static post on the site to check for new reviews/chances to enter.

Day One's single entry will be accepted any day throughout the duration of this giveaway, which will end on March 6th at midnight CST. So, you'll have at least one opportunity to enter for this prize. Any other entries for this Zutano giveaway will only be accepted on the date and time frame that the chance is given.

Confused? Don't worry, we'll explain this again in the next chance-to-win post for the Zutano prize. Just EMAIL US to get your Zutano - Day One entry in!


..and don't forget, there are going to be MORE prizes offered each day this week. Enter them all!

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