The Big T-W-O!

Here's what we did for the birthday weekend:

The Great Wolf Lodge! If there is one in your area, get going! This place is so great, I don't even know how to describe it. Noel loved it! Of course, we forgot the camera, but let's just say, he smiled from ear to ear from the second we got there until we left (and he was crying for the "WATER!!!"). This is like a mini Disney park in water, and that is the highest praise I know how to give! Water parks galore, great restaurants, and fun rooms to stay's just a great place to "get away", even if you're only 30 minutes from home!

Welcome to the world of two, Noel! We love you!


kristie said...

i just checked out their site and it looks like such a cool place! i can't believe i've never heard of it before! and i was really excited to find out there is one in PA. i so added them to my favs for future vacay ideas. thanks for the info. and i hope you guys had a ball!