Looking Forward to Some Baby Adorableness

I've received a few great items for Lennon and I can not WAIT to showcase him in them here on MTW. Only 6ish weeks until I can! Unbelievable, really...I can't believe how soon I will have 2 children in my midst-one running, talking, playing, rambunctious, fun-loving toddler, and a baby! Oh my. I know there are a lot of you out there that have children that are 2 years apart or under. We'd love you to leave us comments about how you did it. Is there a secret to success?

Anyhow, on to the fun stuff-OUTFITS! What do The Godfather and sock monkeys have in common? They're both available on baby clothes!

Baby Fish Mouth is a brand new company started by two movie loving friends. Their t-shirts are cleverly reworded lines from movies made to fit babies, with slogans like "This cry goes to eleven," from This is Spinal Tap, and my favorite, "He made me a bottle I couldn't refuse," which of course, comes from one of our favorites "The Godfather". There are several other t-shirt choices and sizes to select from here. All of their items come uniquely gift wrapped in their own popcorn box! Isn't that clever? I'm thinking of possibly getting some more shirts for my movie loving friends that are expecting twins this spring. I'll be reviewing the shirt itself very soon!

A long time ago, before Noel was even born, I found this fabric and went absolutely "ape" (ba dum dum) over it. I immediately set to work making him a blanket and using the fabric to appliqué onesies for friends. Who can go wrong with a sock monkey? That particular blanket isn't one of Noel's faves, so I think it will be passed on to little bro, and he can hold it while sporting this sweet sock monkey onesie by Morfs from Polkadot Patch Boutique! It's inspired by the actual red-heeled sock monkey doll and even has real button eyes! It's so cute, words can not do it justice. Again, this clothing item alone gets me pumped for the arrival of the new baby!

Be sure and check out Baby Fish Mouth and Polkadot Patch Boutique next time you're in the market for something fun and unique for your cool kid!


Tarasview said...

My sons are 5 and 4 (17 months apart) and my daughter just turned 1. My advice? Ask for help when you need it and accept help when it is offered!

noreen said...

don't always go to the baby first. Do when you have to, but if it can wait a minute or two help the two year old with what they need and tell the toddler see the baby is waiting so when you have to help the baby first you can remind the toddler that the baby waited earlier and now it is their turn to wait.
That way the toddler is not a always waiting and in second place. Mine are 28 months apart. Now they are 4 and 2 and best friends.

Anonymous said...

I remember having a sock monkey growing up. Now, its so funny that Im seeing them pop up all over on baby clothes and toys! The Paul Frank Line has even come out with its own little Paul Frank sock monkey! Too Cute!