Kathy Lo Rocks and We Agree

I'm one of those mom's who's all about showing off her tot. When I found out about Kathy Lo Rocks, I added them to my list of excellent places to shop for show-and-tell. You'll find an array of customizable accessories over at Kathy Lo Rocks. From necklaces to cuff links and everything in-between, you can show off your child, your favorite flower or a fabulous pattern from their collection.

I chose to have a picture of my daughter on one side of my necklace and a photo of a local piece of art on the other side. I love walking around with a reversible necklace and when people ask to see it up close, I'm proud to show off the excellent craftsmanship.

You can pick customizable necklaces from $58 or a necklace from their Alphabitz line from $38. So many other accessories to see, just stop by Kathy Lo Rocks and take a look at their one-of-a-kind pieces for yourself!


kristie said...

i love this site! i just added it to my favorites. very CUTE necklace of hailey!!!