Violet Gumdrop!

We're adding even more great personalized items to our stash here at the $ household. Darcee, the owner of Violet Gumdrop sent over some really great items for Noel and Lennon (the luckiest unborn baby alive!)
Noel got the personalized light switch cover, which matches his room perfectly, and Lennon got a personalized bib and some burp cloths (sock monkeys and more!). You can tell that all the items at Violet Gumdrop are made with LOVE, and they're adorable! You can also find patterns to fit almost any style. There's also quite an interesting selection of clothing, jewelry, gift baskets, and even sweets! Head over to see what Violet Gumdrop's got in store for YOU!

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Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

That is SO nice and I just LOVE THE NAME LENNON!