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There are so many games on the market today, it's hard to know what to pick from, especially around this time of year.

I had the opportunity to test out some of the newest games around this past weekend at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (which you've recently heard me mention).

I was happy to see that Jax was there. Jax is the manufacturer of one of my favorite board games, Sequence. There are many different versions of this game available now. Sequence for Kids, Travel Sequence, Deluxe Edition Sequence and so on.

Sequence for Kids is for age ranges 3 to 6. Instead of playing cards on the board (like regular Sequence), there are characters and you only need to have chips on four characters in a row instead of five. A Unicorn card is considered "wild" (awesome!) to help you obtain your sequence.

This is really a fun family game and I highly recommend checking it out. It retails for about $11.99 on and I'm sure can be found at big retailers and toy stores.

Doodle Dice is a game that was demonstrated for me at Chitag. I really dig this one. It puts your child's mind to work. The object of Doodle Dice is to create a "doodle" with a few rolls of the dice. I sort of compared this game to Yahtzee. Except you roll until you can create a more complex doodle.

I recommend this game as a great holiday gift for ages 6 and up. An adult could play it with a younger child (age 3 and up) to help introduce them to the game concept.

The Game of Chips is a GREAT game to get your child thinking in mathematical terms. I wish I would have had something like this growing up. The object of the game is to end up with the lowest points. Roll the dice and take away the chip with that point total. It's quick and easy. Although, there are many different ways to challenge your child with this game. Have them add or subtract to come up with the number they have rolled. When they get a little older, have them multiple or divide. Incorporate many different combinations to test their math skills. For ages 7 on up. This game is HIGHLY recommended!

The fun doesn't stop there. Jax offers many more games such as, How Tall Am I (ages 3 to 8), where you roll the dice and attempt to create the tallest character. Over and Out is another great mathematical skills game (ages 7 on up).


We have THREE Over and Out games to give away.

This contest is also part of our "Games for Giving" series. So watch for your chance to earn extra entries for this contest.

To enter, send an email with "Jax" in the subject line to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com Tell us in the body of your message if you've ever played any games made by Jax.

Enter to try to win for yourself or to give to someone as a gift. Three winners will be drawn on Monday, November 26th at 10PM CST.

Good luck!

*JAX games can be purchased through Becky & Me Toys with two physical locations; Glenview and Evanston, IL.
- OR - Call (847) 492-1030 to place your order. Please tell them that you heard about them from ""!


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Sound like fun games for the whole family...

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These would be great for our Friday family game nights!!

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How fun! My family loves games!