Ever try a lollitop?

...I have and they are deliciously adorable! Over at Clothesline Candy, you'll find a line of flavorful lollitop tees that are sure to catch the attention of passersby. The quality of the tees are excellent and the embroidery is so colorful and durable. Plus, they arrive all packaged up as a lollipop, which is a very unique gift idea. Those are just some of the reasons why I like Clothesline Candy's line of tees so much.

Hailey is showing off her "Trendsetter" lollitop (available for $17.50 right now). This tee is quite fitting for my little "queen" and says a lot about her mother's fashion sense. =)

A fantastic note about Clothesline Candy is that they are all about helping children in need. Check out their sweetest gift page to learn about all of the donations they have made to charities and are making presently. Just so you are aware, when you purchase a "champ" or "knock-out" lollitop, 50% of the sale's proceeds go toward helping fight juvenile cancer.

Clothesline Candy owner Danielle Cohen's line of lollitop tees debuted in the spring of 2005 and are still a favorite of media and consumers out there. Even by the Tiger Woods' family!

This holiday season, check to see if there is a "candy shop" near you or feel free to make a purchase from their online store where the lollitops are sold at a reasonable price of around $19.00 each. Can't beat that for an adorable gift idea. Decorate your wrapped gift with a lollitop tied into the bow around the package! A unique idea that is sure to get oohs and aahs from everyone around.

***Clothesline Candy would like to offer MTW readers the following discounts on order made through their online boutique:

Enter mtw10 for $10 off any order over $30
Enter mtw20 for $20 off any order over $75

Thank you Clothesline Candy!***


Naomi said...

The kids cooking kit is super cool!!!