What's wrong? Feel left out?

What's that, dads? You feel left out? You're wondering..."Where are all of the cool product review sites for ME?"

Well, the Mums would like to introduce you to a site mainly for dads (but moms and kids would probably like to visit too). Full of hip, contemporary, sometimes out-of-this-world stuff that dads would be into.

Presenting...DapperDads.com (or D2, for short)!

The site is run by a dad and all items reviewed are picked for review by said dad. He even writes about life as a first time dad under his blog section.

Check out DapperDads.com now, Eric's got THREE of Todd Lieman's book "ABCs for Expectant Dads" to give away! We've got a couple of those books to give away, as well. DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES by visiting D2!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you mean dads really care about this stuff?? ;-)