Shield your skin, naturally

Months upon months ago, Laura and I were asked to try out Skin MD Natural. We've taken our time testing out the product and have found that it really DOES make a difference in the condition of your skin.

To be honest with you, I get a little tired of all of the fruity-tootie fragrance lotions out there. I have to wonder really what are they doing for my skin? Obviously, there are chemicals in these lotions that can't be THAT good for my skin, right? Sometimes, I just want to get back to the basics and use a product that might not have pretty packaging but one that I know my skin is going to benefit from.

Several reasons why we like Skin MD Natural so much:

• No animal products or testing
• Dermatology tested
• Fragrance and colorant free
• Hypoallergenic
• Paraben free
• Non-comedogenic

Skin MD Natural is over 93% "natural". If you are looking for more information on the ingredients contained in this product, click HERE.

A 4 oz. bottle of Skin MD will run you about $25/bottle. That's enough for roughly 1-2 months of daily use. Girlfriend, you can even buy it by the GALLON. I'll let you check out the price on that one yourself. Hey, maybe you work in an office and you think your coworkers would benefit from this product. The company also offers these sample packets for $2.00/2 packets.

This product has been VERY GOOD to my skin. I can hear it cheering right now. In the past, I have been known to have some severely dry and itchy skin. I can vouch that Skin MD has helped out quite a bit in that department. There is a lot of useful information on their website, so stop by and check it out if you have a chance.


The folks at Skin MD online would like to offer MTW readers a discount on orders placed through their website. Receive $5 off your order when you enter the word "garden" in the gift certificate code box.


kristie said...

nice! thanks for the info!!! i've always been one to shy away from the super smelly creams and lotions because they do nothing but smell good. (and sometimes not so good!) and i too have super sensitive and dry skin.

so i've adopted eucerin cream. it works wonders. but i'm always up for new suggestions, so i may just have to give this stuff a try...

Anonymous said...

This sounds like just what I'm looking for. I’m an artist and find that the oils and solvents I use are always drying my hands out and leaving them dry, cracked and sore. This definitely sounds worth a try, especially as it’s non greasy and lasts so long. It’s been getting some good press too and is worth checking out - Skin MD Natural in the UK. It uses a new advanced scientific proprietary formulation which, apparently, has a moisturizing factor 6 times greater than glycerin, the standard humectant (water absorber) against which all others are measured. It is a shielding lotion which bonds to the skin to keep the irritants out, moisture in and protects the skin in a way a normal moisturizer can’t. Well worth a look.