Beautiful artwork...on the road

The name "Madallie" is derived from the names "Madison" and "Allie", the two youngsters of Madallie shop owners, Suzanne and Mellanie. These two ladies created Madallie, a children's travel store for their need of keeping their kids preoccupied while on the road. As a mother of a toddler, I too understand that "need". Traveling 600 miles with a little one is no picnic, unless they have something to do in the backseat.

At Madallie, you will find a large assortment of travel items for big and small kids. You should definitely make time to browse their shop before your next big trip!

Here is Hailey, doodling on her oil cloth chalk mat. She has loads of fun with this mat and it's a perfect travel-size item.

Madallie also carries these washable scented markers that go hand-in-hand with the Turtle Imagination Mat. The Imagination Mats have colorful images on one side and an easy-to-clean white canvas on the opposite. What is great about these mats is that they have so many uses. When you stop at that travel plaza, use the mats as place mats for your little one.

Why go out and buy an expensive portable DVD player when you can find an assortment of reasonably-priced travel items at These items will keep your child entertained for hours and most importantly, encourage them to use their imagination and artistic skills anywhere they are. We hope that you'll visit Madallie today!


Anonymous said...

What fun i had finding treasures for my children at A Children’ Travel Store. My son loved the backpack and fold and mail while my daughters loved the dolls and art project i found them. If you’re planning a trip or need a wonderful gift i highly recommend I’ve bought from on many occasions and i’m always impressed by their service and presentation. Hurry and plan a trip so you can call MADALLIE!!!

Anonymous said...

i love shopping for my grandkids at…i find great books and games to keep them occupied and happy…i tell everyone to TRAVEL through!!!