A Touch of Love is All We Need

The Touch of Love Baby Massage Snuggie from Urban Baby was another fabulous gift I received at my baby shower. (Read about the other gift HERE).

This footed bodysuit is available in four different sizes, from 0 to 12 months and comes in this neat little package along with instructions, perfect for gift-giving. It is so soft and super snuggly. The bodysuit has pressure points on it to make it easier for you to navigate and perform an acupressure massage on your baby. The pressure points on the snuggie are defined on this great little instruction insert that is included in the package.

(Click on photos for more detail)

Kelly Ripa, of Regis and Kelly, has endorsed this snuggie as a favorite. There are a handful of other celebrity moms who own and love this unique product as well. But what do you care what they think, MumsTheWurd endorses it and that's all that should matter, right? We love the modern baby shower gifts around here.

The Touch of Love Baby Massage Snuggie is available at several retailers as well as here at Amazon.com:


Anonymous said...

That is soooo cute.. I love the Snuggie!!