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I wish I had known about ReliaDose® last year when Hailey had her bouts of Rotavirus. Using this handy product would have been so easy and we could have been sure she was getting the correct dosage. However, I'm glad I know about it now for the next time around.


ReliaDose® is a medicine delivery system that was invented by a mom when she had her own problems administering medicine to her infant son. The "system" is a 5 ml dosing syringe inside of a 2 oz. bottle. The patented dual-chamber nipple keeps the medicine from mixing with the preferred drink, therefore masking the taste and ensuring that your baby is getting the precise dosage. ReliaDose® is meant to be used with babies from 0-18 mos. Check with your Pediatrician and/or Pharmacist to be sure the particular medication you would like to use with the system is one that can be mixed with certain liquids.

The ReliaDose® system is available for purchase for $11.95 HERE. It is also available at THESE retailers/wholesalers/online.

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I received my ReliaDose as a gift in my swag bag from the Chicago Moms Blog. Although I haven't tested it on a baby yet, my thoughts are that it is most likely going to do what it is meant to do, administer medicine. If you were to ask about the control of the flow of medicine into the child, my thoughts are that with the baby's natural sucking instinct, he or she is going to get about an equal amount of medicine and liquid per suck. The purpose of the system is to get all of the medicine into the child, so I don't think the flow control is really an issue. Would the baby be distracted by the structure inside of the nipple? The structure in the nipple is as flexible as the nipple itself, so I don't think the child would be distracted by that at all. If anything, the shape might be the only issue, if your baby is used to a certain shape of nipple. From what I can see, if you were holding your baby the way you normally would to feed using a bottle, coming straight at the child, he or she wouldn't think anything of it. Judging by the way my child was between the ages of 14 and 18 mos., I think there might have been a bit of a distraction because she wanted to hold her own bottles.

Hopefully my opinion counts for something if you are considering purchasing one of these bottles. I personally think it's a unique invention and worth giving a shot if your child puts up a fight. It's all about trial and error when you're a parent, isn't it? Anything that might make our job a little easier is fine by me.

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Gina said...

Great invention. I newly discovered and love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I'm glad you found our version of Reliadose worth a mention.

Great blog you have going here.

Dawn Penguin said...

I have one of these. My almost-2-year-old who has NEVER used a bottle (I breastfeed) had NO problem with this. He needed antibiotics and REFUSED to take them without a HUGE fight before we tried this product.

With this product, he drank the liquid in the bottle while I squirted the medicine in and he never even realized there was any medicine IN it.

As for "flow control" - the parent/guardian administering the medicine controls the flow of the medicine; it is not automatic. I just pushed the plunger a little at a time and in seconds, the medicine was down him and he finished the remainder of the liquid at his leisure.