B-eautiful Tummys!

Mother's Intuition has recently come out with a new line of products that's sure to satisfy those who want to go green and those who want to save a little green! I've been trying out their Tummy Honey Butter, and so far, I like it! As for it preventing (any more) stretch marks, remains to be seen, but I do like that it is free of animal products and is not tested on animals. I'm saving the Tummy Honey Stick for when I'm much more pregnant and feeling much more lazy. :)

I'm also looking forward to using the other products I received from Bella B when I'm breastfeeding. They make a Nipple Nurture Cream, which is, again, lanolin free, and Nipple Nurture Cleansing Pads. I'll let you know how they work out in 2008! I'm excited to try these, because both are said to work for soreness and dry/cracked nipples, and I know I want to stay as far away from that as I can when nursing the newest addition to our crew.

Bella B Natural Bodycare utilizes the highest quality, clinically-proven ingredients available while maintaining the integrity of clean, natural formulations free of petroleum, mineral oils, lanolin (comes from sheep wool) and parabens (artificial preservatives).

WIN IT!!!!!!

Let's face it: Most of us that have housed a life inside of us, now show permanent sig
ns of that life across our bellies. Bella B has come up with something that may help fix those stretch marks! Win a bottle of Tummy Honey Cream, and try it out for yourself!

TUMMY HONEY CREAM includes several key ingredients to fade existing stretch marks, including a unique plant extract clinically proven fade stretch marks typically 30-50%. TUMMY HONEY CREAM also helps with stretch mark prevention and includes anti- itch ingredients to soothe those growing tummies!

Hey, what have you got to lose, except those stretch marks you've loathed!?!

What do you have to do to win? Leave us a comment and tell us a funny anecdote about your "lasting signs of pregnancy", and if you don't have any stretch marks from being prego, don't enter. We hate you. JUST KIDDING!!! Contest ends Wednesday, September 5th.

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JewelsHud said...

Wow . . . lasting signs of pregnancy - hmmm - a constant tiredness . . . that only gets a reprieve every time my little one smiles or does something cute! Love the blog - please enter me!

jenna said...

When I was pregnant, I told my 2 year-old that his baby sister was in Mommy's tummy. So, he'd lift up my shirt and kiss my tummy and say "Baby Sister, Mommy tummy." Smart kid, right? Well, Baby Sister arrived, and now if he sees my tummy he asks, "Baby Sister?" (He thinks, "There's got to be more going on in there.")

Enter me please! :)

Anonymous said...

I have lasting signs x7... stretch marks I acquired from giving birth to 7 children... I lovingly (yeah right) call the marks.. my tummy road map

Plus I have two lasting C-section scars from 2 of those births... oh the joys! (can't you just hear the sarcasm in my voice on that one)

Enter me into the drawing please, maybe I can fill in some of the ditches on my tummy road map. You know the county crew has to fill potholes at some point, so I may as well try too.

BlondeBlogger said...

Oh boy do I have stretch marks! I went from being underweight at 118 pounds to about 160 with my first baby and I paid dearly for it, lol!

Tiffany G said...

Please I need my stretch marks gone:)


Anonymous said...

Boo! Stretch marks! I didn't get them until about two weeks before my son was born, and BOY, did I get them! I tried a few things, even Vick's Vaporub. (Yes, I read it on some website, went around smelling for a couple of weeks; and no, it didn't work!) The only thing that helped a little was Stri-Vectin, which is a stretch mark cream, now marketed as a wrinkle cream. And yet, the road map that my tummy has become stays! Yuck!!


Anonymous said...

I had twins...8 pounds, 4 ounces and a 6 pound 10 ounce. I have stretch marks that go VERTICAL...and HORIZONTAL! And, yes they do extend up to my chest. It is disgusting (but I am proud of my 15 pounds of baby). Can you help me?

Doreen said...

I have old stretch marks that have been on my inner thighs and upper arms for years. Wonder if this would help? :)

we are reilly said...

not so much the stretch marks, but a nice little 'left over' tummy...that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon! :(

sillelin said...

Stretch marks, now ugly wrinkles from some weight loss = one ugly belly on me! ugh!

Maude Lynn said...

I have the "mama-pot" that is never going away as far as I can tell!

Ellen said...

Well I thought I was doing well with my first pregnancy and didn't really get any stretch marks... until after he was born!! to my surprise :) and now, being almost 9 mons preggo with my 2nd, I am dreading what the end result will look like since I already got a lot of marks with this one... hopefully this stuff works.. hopefully I win it :)

Anonymous said...

I got them on my tummy during the final four days of pregnancy with my second child. I got them in another location a week later. You can guess where! I will spare you the details, but one significant thing happens about week after your baby is born!


Anonymous said...

I have a road map to remind me of the difficult pregnancy I had. I sstill can't stand the smell of peaches! They were my craving and I way over did it with them.


Qtpies7 said...

Even my chest has stretch marks. After 7 kids, I quit caring about them. But then came the c-sections and those are horrid reminders of pregnancy, because it is really, really, really hard to stop looking pregnant after having a c-section.
So my lasting effect is my constant 5 month pregnant looking belly. "You look pregnant, mom." Thanks so much!

shakerbaby said...

Ok, no stretch marks from pregnancy (but a few I've always had). However, I am often reminded of my pregnancies when I sneeze -- you know what I'm talking about girls!

CPA Mom said...

a miracle cure for my stretch marks? I would love to win this!

cpamomva at hotmail dot com

mamashawna said...

OMG!!!! After carrying triplets that weighes 5.6#, 5.7#, and 5.13#'s I am a perfect candidate for this product!!!

Donna said...

My lasting sign of pregnancy are my spider veins. My 5yo always asks why I have spider webs on my legs!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do have stretch marks. All over my body. The ones on my belly came the week my son was born.
The funny lasting sign of pregnancy story is this...when my son was 8 days old, we went to a friend's get together and this lady there asked, "so, you're expecting another one?" huh? I think that was a brain fart.
But about 10 months later, someone asked me the same thing. I just politely said "no." Come to find out, I actually was about 2 weeks along with my next one (not born yet).
So, I think I'll always have that pudge that I eventually came to love. Kinda.