Now this is nice. A company that is living MY dream. To live in the mountains of Colorado and own a family-oriented business!

Skimbaco is a combination of two words: “SKIMBA” which is Finnish slang for downhill skiing and CO obviously stands for Colorado. As wife and husband, Katja and Matt say on their site, "Combining a Finnish word with an American state also symbolizes how two different cultures combined can make a perfect symbiosis." We couldn't agree more!

The owners of Skimbaco are husband and wife. Katja is a former runway model from Finland and Matt is from Texas and is an emergency medical service helicopter pilot for a local hospital. Together, they make a fantastically unique team!

Skimbaco carries some unique designer brands such as; Lelli Kelly, Sweet Potatoes, Tea and Dirty Laundry to name a few. Noel is pictured below wearing an ice scream tee made by Dirty Laundry. Each applique is hand cut and layered onto the t-shirt by heat press. It's the perfect tee for summer! Who doesn't want to be thinking about ice cream on those hot days? The "ice scream" design on the tee is skilfully appliqued by hand.

Hailey has on a Noor Cotton Lawn Top from Tea Collection and she's "holding" an adorable headband created by a Colorado mom. She doesn't quite understand the whole hair accessory and make-up thing yet...all in due time, my friends. All in due time. =) The beautiful little top is made from soft cotton poplin and believe me folks, it IS very soft and lovely. The headband is reversible so if you're feeling a little blue, you can just give it the old switch-a-roo.

Skimbaco is offering Mums readers a 10% discount. When you get to their checkout, just type in "MUMS". Thanks Skimbaco!

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Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

OH! I signed up for their email list! Cute stuff!


Anonymous said...

I found some cool furniture for my kids and some jewelry for myself! My kind of shopping!

Anonymous said...

What a great site! I found some really cute clothes for my little one!