Pretentious children rule.

Meet Hailey, my blithesome (as her shirt so obviously states), loquacious toddler.

I'd better make sure I know what all of those words mean before we head out of the house in our new SATees apparel because these tees are sure to catch some attention. SATees First Edition tees are nothing short of fun and cute. As owners of SATees, Debbie and Scott say,

"There's bound to be an adjective that best describes a child you know, in a ridiculously sophisticated manner."

So, if you have a sapient or recondite child on your hands, don't you want to educate people before you take them out?

Head over to SATees CafePress boutique and check out all of the encomiastic adjectives you can proudly display on your pulchritudinous child. You can thumb through all of the big words you've never used before and passersby will never have a clue!


Mama Zen said...

Those are really cute!

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea.

kristie said...

oh my goodness, i'm laughing right now wondering if there's a crazy word for "spoiled". cause that would be one for my precious daughter. hahaha!!! i'm gonna have to go to the site and have a look-see.