Hit the Skids!

If you were a punky kid in the 80s, you might remember Skid Pants. Now, they come to you in a mini version to protect your little crawlers knees and give them that uber-cool hipness they've been dreaming of. Above, you see Noel sporting his Lightweight Blue Flame skids. And here we have Hailey in her Cotton Candy Lightweights.

Skid Pants from Dittany Baby come in many groovy styles (30 patterns ! and even more special editions!), as well as solids and stripes, and you have the option of Originals-great for cooler weather, or Lightweights for those hot summer days. Skid Pants not only protect little knees, but they're also handy for cloth diapering parents. You can get skids to match your diapers and changing just became much easier! Skid Pants are the perfect accessory for your Rockin' Tot!

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C said...

You are so welcome for the shout out:) I love your site...and my new watch that I found out about via your site:)

Anonymous said...

Those pants are so cute and colorful.

And as to the Tales, Amen.

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who had parents that helped you learn to mind and share until you wanted to do it for yourself.



Anonymous said...

i can't even begin to tell you just how cute your kids look in these skid thingys! hahaha! they look so cute i actually chuckled right out loud in my little cubicle office space at work. now "they" must know i'm not working. who laughs when they're working??

Anonymous said...

Your photos are always great!