Ambajam is Who I Am!

What do a frog, an elephant, and a turtle all have in common? Ambajam! Just gaze your eyes on the world of colorful clothes, blankets, and pillows and you'll be hooked!

When you make a purchase from this fine retailer, you can expect the best. Here's their commitment to you taken from their website:

is committed to setting new industry standards for quality and service by focusing our efforts around the following operating principles:
Create high-quality, easy-to-care-for products that exhibit the highest levels of style, durability, and functionality.
Spark the curiosity and imagination of children through the use of engaging textures, colors, patterns, and shapes.
3. Provide friendly, efficient, and responsive customer service to ensure every experience with Ambajam is enjoyable.
And, of course, have fun crafting and selling our products so that our customers always have fun using them.

This outfit is so cute and colorful...I was so excited when I took it out of the package it went immediately in the washer so it could be worn! I love the cool pattern on the frog (and there are several different designs to choose from, as well as animals), and the pants are so soft-I want a pair! They're also cut a little big, so if you happen to be a cloth diapering family like us, they're perfect for "puffy" bottoms!
Included in our package was the tangerine and green mini cuddle...I am not kidding when I say this is THE softest blanket I have ever touched! It's made of plush fleece, and oh my goodness...I want to cuddle with the darn thing! We're considering ordering the jumbo cuddle, so we're not tempted to steal Noel's!

When looking for something colorful, durable, and fun for your baby or toddler, make Ambajam your first stop!



Anonymous said...

these clothes are so groovy.