All Systems Go, Retro!

One of the best toys we ever got Noel is the Radio Flyer Retro Rocket. As you know by now, we love retro, so as soon as we saw this at Costco during the Christmas season last year, we knew it was THE toy for our kid.
He LOVES the rocket. In particular, the three buttons that say various things like "Asteroids ahead!" and "All clear! We're looking good!". It also vibrates and the tail lights up!

Can you believe I got this gem for $20?? I just did a web search, and of course, I can't find one now for cheaper than $40. Amazon is trying to tell me that the list price for the retro is $70! What?!? My advice? Wait and see if Costco carries this again at Christmas, or go to Target and see if they have it in their clearance items (they did not long ago).


Anonymous said...

I just love that hat. =)

Unknown said...

my nephew has that and Elliott and Hayden LOVE it too!!!

Drea said...

cute layout :-) let me know if u ever need me to make one, I love tweaking templates! I charge 30 dollars per template and that includes a top banner/background :-)

That radio flyer is adorable! COSTCO ROCKS!