Baby Bean!

Oh goodness...I think I'm now in desperate need of a little girl to dress...
Baby Bean Wear is AWESOME!  Made right here in my back yard, Christine combines her love for vintage fabric with her need to dress her little ones in one-of-a-kind clothes perfectly. 
The cuteness may very well kill me! 
If you're interested in purchasing Baby Bean products, you can order directly from the website, or check these stores.  It's probably a good thing she doesn't make boy clothes, or I'd be broke!
Thanks to our friends at LittleDallas for the heads up on Baby Bean.  Check out their book for more great Dallas area finds!


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Drea said...

Oh my gosh those outfits are adorable... and the kids wearing them! SO CUTE. Im a huge fan of anything vintage as well :-)

Anonymous said...

ok, you may not go broke... but i sure might!!! :)

how cute!