Aw, shucks. When ya'll say kind things about us, it makes us blush. We put products to the test and do our best to give fair reviews. Our parenting passions come out in our writing, so we hope you like what you read.

These lovely folks have said some pretty kind things to us and we just wanted to share their thoughts with all of you.

"I love your posting of Madallie...(I really do)...your effort and attention to detail makes your site outstanding...Madallie appreciates and thanks you for making us look as good as you!!! Thank YOU!"
~Suzanne, Owner of Madallie
"Thanks so much for the great review. I had to send a special note because your writing style, sense of humor and personality just makes me smile from ear-to-ear. I'm betting you're the fun Mom on the block."
~Kim, Chief Executive Mom of MomSpit
"I’d like to send out a special thanks to Amy Mueller at Mums the Wurd for posting the Five Moms link in the parenting resource section. It is so important to us to get the word out to other parents and we truly appreciate Amy’s contribution to the cause!"
~Posted by Five Mom, Hilda Morales, on Wednesday, October 3, 2007
"Hi Amy:
My Google alert already picked up your blog and contest. It was a wonderful write up that you did on Karito Kids and KidsGive. Thank you so very much for your passion and the opportunity for this extended reach to your community base."
~Laura Rengel, President and CEO of KidsGive