Happy Tushies

We're a cloth diapering family. Cloth diapering is great, and not difficult like people might lead you to believe. These are no longer your mother's diapers...there's a whole new world of diapers and products. Unfortunately, the lady that made our diapers is out of business (turn around time was horrendous, but the diapers rock), but, that doesn't mean you can't find ones just as great as mine...a fellow blogger, Drea, just started using some cloth diapers, so go check her out for advice!

I did get this great bag though to house dirty diapers back when we took the plunge into the cloth diapering universe:

It's called the Wonderbag! and you can find it, and lots of other cool, environmentally friendly products at Happy Tushies! Hope, the guru behind Happy Tushies, has 8 pages of custom fabrics to choose from...and they are all so cool (the ones I lined are just the woven fabric options...there's flannel and "dogs" too)! The Wonderbag! not only looks swell, but it keeps the house smelling fresh and NOT like dirty diapers. It also looks like she's improved this bag since I bought mine and made it completely WICKLESS! I want one!

Hope also offers a line of cloth diapers called Mums (!) Bums, which I haven't tried, but they sure look cute! As you can see, they aren't cheap, but in my mind, an initial investment of $200-$250 for cloth diapers vs. thousands in the overall cost of disposables + cutting all the trash and landfill space, is so worth it to me. Not to mention, disposables are SO BORING compared to the fun, colorful cloth diapers and accessories that are out there! A big "Hurrah!" for Happy Tushies!