Have a (Dilly)Heart!

Are you always on the hunt for that baby shower gift that is one of a kind? Do you find yourself wishing that your own baby had things that were more unique? I am one of those people, which is why I was over the moon when I discovered Dillyhearts! Vickie, the owner of Dillyhearts, has an obsession with finding unique fabric (here! here!) for her line of wonderful baby gifts, and she does an EXCELLENT job!

Here's Noel sporting his super cool space kids Toddler Bib. I have been looking for something, anything in this fabric for years, and finally it's mine...er, well, it's in my house anyway and I can ogle over it whenever I want! We've also got little Miss M. in her mod mocha Toddler Bib. Don't get her confused with Twiggy! These bibs are great for that messy toddler. You can see for yourself how big they are...no pizza sauce will sneak past these babies!

Some other things you'll find when you shop Dillyhearts are super soft, colorful, and "reversible" chenille baby blankets, burp cloths (that are almost too pretty to allow burping!), beautiful dresses, play aprons (even styles for BOYS!!!, toddler pillows for older kids (that you can even get personalized), groovy bags for mom, and one of the newest items: toothfairy pillows!

Vickie is proud to donate 5% of her website earnings to Seattle Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center. You can read comments from many satisfied customers too...clearly, Vickie puts 100% of herself into her work, and you can tell by the quality craftsmanship of her products. You'll be able to see this for yourself, if you're the lucky winner of this TOOTHFAIRY PILLOW that we'll be giving away next week!

Find out more at her blog. I'm thrilled to have discovered a retailer as awesome as Dillyhearts!


Pretentious children rule.

Meet Hailey, my blithesome (as her shirt so obviously states), loquacious toddler.

I'd better make sure I know what all of those words mean before we head out of the house in our new SATees apparel because these tees are sure to catch some attention. SATees First Edition tees are nothing short of fun and cute. As owners of SATees, Debbie and Scott say,

"There's bound to be an adjective that best describes a child you know, in a ridiculously sophisticated manner."

So, if you have a sapient or recondite child on your hands, don't you want to educate people before you take them out?

Head over to SATees CafePress boutique and check out all of the encomiastic adjectives you can proudly display on your pulchritudinous child. You can thumb through all of the big words you've never used before and passersby will never have a clue!

Win a Ring Sling (and Enter Our Contests TOO)!!

You can win this ring sling!  Go enter now!
Last, but not least, you have until tomorrow night at midnight to enter our Busy Body Book give-away!

Busy Doing Nothing

We are a very "loungy" family. My husband and I both love our pajamas and some days, we'll just hang out in them all day, especially when it's as rainy as it has been! Now we all have outfits to lounge around in! Here is Noel in his lounge pants from Sweet Peanut. They look so comfortable, and they're really light, so even in summer, they're not too hot for the little chap. I couldn't get a good pic of the matching onesie, but you can see it here.

Sweet Peanut is located in Canada, and even the celebs have taken a liking to these super comfortable wares! Here's what you'll get when you order from our friends up north:

Sweet Peanut styles are designed for maximum movement, unencumbered play and comfortable napping. Our lounge pants are easy to pull on. Our folded neckline shirts feature no snaps or buttons – easy for quick dressing, delicate for babies skin and essential for daddy’s big hands.

Here's Hails chilliin' in her Sweet Peanut lounge pants and short sleeved shirt. She was so cute and comfortable that she just had to take a rest on the floor! :)

Visit Sweet Peanut today and get the most comfort for your buck!

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Umbrella Shoppe e-certificate contest and our BusyBodyBook contest that ends this Saturday night at midnight.

Independence is cool.

With Independence Day just around the corner, I have noticed many-a-store setting out their red, white and blue gear. I just learned of Sweeters, an online sweater boutique where Sue Katz, knitter extraordinaire, knits each and every sweater that she sells. They are made of 100% cotton and are customizable.

Sue's Americana collection is just perfect for this time of year. Excellent for those chilly summer nights or sitting around a campfire. I highly suggest you take a look at her online boutique at all of the soft, adorable sweaters that she has to offer. I already feel like curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and my little girly-girl in her Sweeter sweater!

Enter our
Umbrella Shoppe e-certificate contest and our BusyBodyBook contest that ends this Saturday night at midnight.

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Umbrella Shoppe Contest!

If it's a day that ends in "Y", you can expect a contest here at Mums the Wurd!

Do you long to have your children read books that you read as a wee one? I do. My favorite was "Popcorn", and it's sadly out of print. I am so glad my mom and dad kept almost my entire collection (as former bookstore owners, it's a sin to ever throw away a book)! I'm keeping them in a safe place until my toddler learns that books are not objects to be tuned in to confetti.

My husband is a full time dad, and a full time eBay seller extraordinaire. This week, we're offering a lucky reader a $10 gift certificate & free shipping to his eBay children's section. Elliott has over 200 vintage children's books and coloring books, almost all priced from $5-10. His selection is VAST...from a Gremlins coloring book to a 1970 copy of Alice in Wonderland that was a bonus gift when buying a Folger's product! He's really got some amazing stuff! Go take a look under the umbrella...but before you do that, sign the Mr. Linky, and leave us a comment about your favorite book from childhood! That's all it takes to win! The contest will end next Tuesday, July 3.

If you don't have a blog, never fear! Leave your email address in the Mr. Linky like this http://you@yourdomain.com, or email us your info: themums@mumsthewurd.com

Good Luck!

And if you've not already entered, be sure to sign up to win one of four organizers we're giving away! The Busy Body Book give away ends this Saturday, June 30!

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Jasper Hearts Wren contest winner & Mums update

Hi everyone!

We have randomly chosen our winner for the ADORABLE birdie tank from Jasper Hearts Wren...and our winner is....


Don't forget, if you haven't entered our BusyBodyBook organizer contest yet, you still have until Saturday evening, June 30th to enter!

On that same note, you can go to the BusyBodyBook website and download a MONTH's worth of FREE pages! Click HERE to get your free pages.

Other Mums news:

Skimbaco is having a giveaway of a Droopy Knickers tee which runs until Sunday night, July 1st. See our Skimbaco review HERE.

Steph at the AIB still has her summer sling giveaway running. That contest ends on Thursday, so you still have a day to enter. GET OVER THERE! : )

Laura and I have been SWAMPED with life priorities lately. Laura has projects at work that need attention and I am in the process of selling my town home, so things may be a little "slow" going until we both have a chance to take a breath. Stick with us! We have some AWESOME giveaways coming up that you won't want to miss! A great way to stay in touch with us is to subscribe to our blog! You can do that over to your right. The emails are a little delayed, like maybe a day but that still gives you time to enter contests since we generally run them for about a week.

Remember...don't keep it quiet! Spread the wurd! (that was lame, I know) : )

Hit the Skids!

If you were a punky kid in the 80s, you might remember Skid Pants. Now, they come to you in a mini version to protect your little crawlers knees and give them that uber-cool hipness they've been dreaming of. Above, you see Noel sporting his Lightweight Blue Flame skids. And here we have Hailey in her Cotton Candy Lightweights.

Skid Pants from Dittany Baby come in many groovy styles (30 patterns ! and even more special editions!), as well as solids and stripes, and you have the option of Originals-great for cooler weather, or Lightweights for those hot summer days. Skid Pants not only protect little knees, but they're also handy for cloth diapering parents. You can get skids to match your diapers and changing just became much easier! Skid Pants are the perfect accessory for your Rockin' Tot!

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So Many Contests...

We're giving away FOUR organizers! Contest will run until June 30...

We're also giving away this cute tank top from our pals at Jasper Hearts Wren!

Drea's My Conservation Baby Contest ends Tuesday...

Coming up this week, you can win a $10 gift certificate at The Umbrella Shoppe (starts Wednesday)!

***ALSO - if you are interested in linking up to Mums using a button on your own site, email AMY and she'll send you a button code! We appreciate the support BIG TIME!

Organize me: Here, there and everywhere!

I just received my BusyBodyBook in the mail. This organizer is the greatest thing since Fruity Cheerios (& if you aren't fond of Fruity Cheerios, [insert greatest thing here])! Here is me: Mom of a toddler, CEO of the household, avid blogger, amateur photographer, part-time barista & member of two active mom's groups among other things.
Just try and tell me I don't need THIS organizer!

The BusyBodyBook organizer, in my opinion, stands out from all the rest. The organizer's set up is very spacious and pleasing to the eye. Aside from the basics such as, a section for birthdays and anniversaries and months at a glance, it has grid-like pages showing seven days and FIVE columns. The best feature of the book is that the columns are left BLANK, not to mention the "To Doodles", "Notes" and perforated "To Do" section (take breath here). You can tailor the book to yours and your family's needs. I am also planning on investing in the BusyBodyBook's Weekly Fridge GRID Pad. The fridge pad has SEVEN columns, as opposed to the organizer's five. Plenty-o-room for keeping track of all family events on an 11 x 8.5 magnetic pad. Guess what, weight watchers...you could track what you eat and drink during the day! It will be right there in front of you. Oh yes, you can use this fridge pad and organizer to track ANYTHING.

The organizer comes in two different versions: the academic year (Aug. through Sept.) or calendar year (Jan. through Dec.) Each version is available in two stylish covers. I have the academic BBB, perfect for moms with school-age children (or college students). It will still work just as well for my busy body self. Check it out, students can use the BBB for school subjects, the employed can use it for work projects, the average Joe can use it for personal goals. Those are just a few of the many ways you can utilize this

Seriously, people. You NEED this book! Guess what? We're giving away FOUR of the BusyBodyBook organizers! Aren't you LUCKY? :)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Here are the giveaway specifics: Sign Mr. Linky below (because that's how we choose our winners) and then GET CREATIVE. Leave us a comment (comment link is below Mr. Linky) telling us how YOU plan to use YOUR BusyBodyBook organizer (if you can't figure out the comments, EMAIL us.) Oh and of course we'd love for you to link to our contest from your blog or website as well! Our motto is: "The more, the merrier!" The BBB contest will run until Saturday, June 30th at midnight, with the winner being announced the morning of July 1st (check our "Contests" section for the winners).

*If you'd like to just order yourself a BusyBodyBook organizer or fridge pad, click HERE.

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Ambajam is Who I Am!

What do a frog, an elephant, and a turtle all have in common? Ambajam! Just gaze your eyes on the world of colorful clothes, blankets, and pillows and you'll be hooked!

When you make a purchase from this fine retailer, you can expect the best. Here's their commitment to you taken from their website:

is committed to setting new industry standards for quality and service by focusing our efforts around the following operating principles:
Create high-quality, easy-to-care-for products that exhibit the highest levels of style, durability, and functionality.
Spark the curiosity and imagination of children through the use of engaging textures, colors, patterns, and shapes.
3. Provide friendly, efficient, and responsive customer service to ensure every experience with Ambajam is enjoyable.
And, of course, have fun crafting and selling our products so that our customers always have fun using them.

This outfit is so cute and colorful...I was so excited when I took it out of the package it went immediately in the washer so it could be worn! I love the cool pattern on the frog (and there are several different designs to choose from, as well as animals), and the pants are so soft-I want a pair! They're also cut a little big, so if you happen to be a cloth diapering family like us, they're perfect for "puffy" bottoms!
Included in our package was the tangerine and green mini cuddle...I am not kidding when I say this is THE softest blanket I have ever touched! It's made of plush fleece, and oh my goodness...I want to cuddle with the darn thing! We're considering ordering the jumbo cuddle, so we're not tempted to steal Noel's!

When looking for something colorful, durable, and fun for your baby or toddler, make Ambajam your first stop!


Have a Couple Pieces of Contest Candy!

Don't forget to enter our Jasper Hearts Wren Contest!

Also, our pal Steph at Adventures in Babywearing is giving away an awesome bag!

AND our other mama, Drea, is giving away even more My Conservation Baby gear!

Pinks and Blues is also running a fab contest at their site for some Summer Bling!

Eat it up! Then, check out the sale that our friends at Skimbaco are giving to YOU!

Skimba...in CO!

Now this is nice. A company that is living MY dream. To live in the mountains of Colorado and own a family-oriented business!

Skimbaco is a combination of two words: “SKIMBA” which is Finnish slang for downhill skiing and CO obviously stands for Colorado. As wife and husband, Katja and Matt say on their site, "Combining a Finnish word with an American state also symbolizes how two different cultures combined can make a perfect symbiosis." We couldn't agree more!

The owners of Skimbaco are husband and wife. Katja is a former runway model from Finland and Matt is from Texas and is an emergency medical service helicopter pilot for a local hospital. Together, they make a fantastically unique team!

Skimbaco carries some unique designer brands such as; Lelli Kelly, Sweet Potatoes, Tea and Dirty Laundry to name a few. Noel is pictured below wearing an ice scream tee made by Dirty Laundry. Each applique is hand cut and layered onto the t-shirt by heat press. It's the perfect tee for summer! Who doesn't want to be thinking about ice cream on those hot days? The "ice scream" design on the tee is skilfully appliqued by hand.

Hailey has on a Noor Cotton Lawn Top from Tea Collection and she's "holding" an adorable headband created by a Colorado mom. She doesn't quite understand the whole hair accessory and make-up thing yet...all in due time, my friends. All in due time. =) The beautiful little top is made from soft cotton poplin and believe me folks, it IS very soft and lovely. The headband is reversible so if you're feeling a little blue, you can just give it the old switch-a-roo.

Skimbaco is offering Mums readers a 10% discount. When you get to their checkout, just type in "MUMS". Thanks Skimbaco!

*To keep up-to-date with current fashions and news, be sure to sign up for Skimbaco's newsletter and subscribe to their new blog.

Dan Zanes: The Complete Collection!

A long time ago, we told you about Dan Zanes.  Since then, we've aquired his entire collection, and I have to be honest here...IT IS ALL AMAZING!  Both Amy and I consider ourselves "music snobs", of sorts.  Before Dan, you wouldn't catch me within 100 miles of a children's music cd.  While I'm sure The Wiggles have their merits, I just can't bring myself to even find out what their colorful outfits and that giant octopus are all about.  Dan, however, caught our attention when we saw his crazy hair appear right before our eyes on Playhouse Disney.  He was dancing around in his checkered socks, making eggs, and singing something about catching a train...and it didn't suck!  At all!  It was good!  Who was this mysterious man with the wacky hair?  Since then, we've fallen in love with his music.  It's catchy and fun without the sap.  Dan Zanes and Friends music crosses many spectrums and generations, from old folk favorites, sea and train songs, to tunes you can dance to with your family around the kitchen!  Trust me, you will ALL like Dan Zanes (even the most skeptical among you!)!  All of the CDs come in board book form with colorful pictures with artwork by Donald Saaf that your little one will enjoy (and can't destroy!) and tons of songs.  I am currently partial to Night Time, that includes special guest singers like Lou Reed and Aimee Mann (other CDs include Sheryl Crow, Debbie Harry, Suzanne Vega, The Blind Boys of Alabama, and many, many others).
The thing that draws me most to Dan Zanes' is his focus on the family aspect of music.  Good music is not something that just adults should listen to!  For our household, it's something we intend to share together, especially while our kids our young and under our musical schooling.  Dan Zanes and Friends is bringing everyone together for a truly great music experience.  Go and start building your collection today!

The Mums Heart Jasper Hearts Wren!

Did you get all of that?

We really do though...heart...Jasper Hearts Wren! Jasper Hearts Wren is a chic boutique that is owned and operated by two gals out of a house on a hill in Oakland, CA. One of the many reasons why we dig these chicks is because they quit working for "the man" to work for "the club" full time!

Hailey over here has on the Birdie Legs Tiny Tank.

The birdie design is is made from a soft felt and after wearing the tank for two days in a row (sometimes that happens), it has surely become one of our favorite summer tops.

We're big fans of how the design is uniquely placed off-centered and lower on the top. That really sets us off from the rest of the crowd.

Oh, we also absolutely LOVE the stitching on the design. It's obvious that Heather and Lisa (co-founders) pay special attention to each piece that they create.

This Fall, Jasper Hearts Wren will be introducing additional designs to their already adorable collection of rockin' robots, orbiting rocket ships and whimsical dandelions blowing in the breeze. The line-up includes Jasper's Loungewear, JHW bibs and Wren's Dresses & Bloomers.

You really have to stop by their website and check out all of their onesies, tanks and accessories, especially the hipster headbands for both mommies and daughters.


Our giveaway with Jasper Hearts Wren!

You have a chance to win a Birdie Legs tank top like the one Hailey has on! The tank is offered in three sizes: 2, 4 & 6.

The "rules" are...SIGN MR. LINKY! It's not hard, you just have to enter your name and URL in the spaces provided. Tell all of your friends about our contest! Remember, if you don't have a blog, you MUST EMAIL us your contact information or leave it in a comment so if you win, we can get in touch with you.

The contest will run until Tuesday night, June 26th with the winner being announced on Wednesday morning. You can click on our "Contest" button below the header to view the winners of any of our contests.

Good luck!

Giggles Bibs!

Here's the thing about bibs: You get ONE use out of it, and then it's gross and must be washed. Being the "path of least resistance" type that I am, I usually don't use bibs. I figure the outfit will need to be washed anyway, so why bother?
Well, I have found the answer to those stained clothes that my lazy method has caused...Giggles Bibs! Giggles Bibs are hip and cool (not to mention Fun...Funky...and Unique!), but best of all, they're vinyl! So, after each use, all you've gotta do is put that sucker under some hot water and it's good to go for the next meal!

The bib you see on little N$ is the Goldfish bib and the one on Miss Hailey is the Do Dots Red bib. There are 17 other options to choose from, including Glitter, Dots and Confetti!

If you've got my Type B personality, then a Giggles Bib is a MUST HAVE!

Crazy, Busy Week!

Sorry for our lack of posting this week!  We'll be back this weekend with a couple new items you'll need to get in your hot little hands!  In the meantime, ENTER OUR CONTEST!!!
Yours truly,
The Mums
Amy (who's been busy de-cluttering her life and preparing to put her house on the market!)

Laura (who was put in charge of a big project at work and is spending every waking minute making it a success!)

Win a My Conservation Baby T-Shirt!

Scroll to the bottom of the post for our winners!

Want your little one to represent his or her love for the earth in STYLE?

Two lucky winners will win a 2T shirt like Hailey's here, or like the "Protect the Environment" one below.

Enter your name and URL or if you don't have a blog or website, enter your email address in this format: http://you@yourdomain.com into the Mr. Linky box below, or send us your name & email to themums@mumsthewurd.com to enter! REMEMBER - if you don't have a blog or website address where we can contact you, you MUST email us or leave your contact info in a comment below Mr. Linky! Thanks!

We will draw the names of two lucky winners on Monday, June 18th in the morning!

Good luck!

***Edit: And the winners are...
#27 - Monya at Our Litte Family in the Great Big Desert
#31 - Tanyetta at Days Like These

Our winners were drawn randomly. Congrats, ladies! =)

Oh, Fooey!

Recently, we've received a couple of near perfect t-shirts for Noel. This one, I've already told you about...and now we have this beauty you see to your left thanks to our pals at Fooey (doesn't he look like he really is TCOB?)!

If you want some cute clothes for your tot (and coming soon for YOU!), you must go visit Fooey right away. They offer a nice selection for babies and toddlers: dresses, t-shirts, even some really sweet artwork (they're so cool, you'll probably consider stealing from your kid)!

What really caught my eye when I found Fooey, was all of the 70s inspired and cleverly sloganed duds they have. I'm all about a good slogan, and what's better suited for your kid than a shirt that says "Thumb War!"? How about a smiling octopus playing in a one man band? RAD!

Your purchase will come neatly packaged in a little cheesecloth bag, so if it's a gift, no need to even wrap! Isn't that grand?

Right now Fooey has lots and lots of awesome clothing on SALE, so if you want to have THE hippest kid in the sandbox, you'd better get over there right now!!!

My Conservation Baby!

Ellen over at My Conservation Baby sent us over some great stuff! Check out Noel in his "Conserve" shirt. Doesn't he look like a little activist? These shirts remind me of the ones I was buying for myself in the 90s when it was all the rage to be a conservationist. I am sure those readers that are around my age remember this well...and now we can get our kids in on it too!

MCB offers all sorts of apparel, from infants to kids, and for adults too, at their sister site, NRGawareness.org. MCB also has a list of great internet parenting resources, particularly for parents that are concerned about conserving for the next generation! They've also got a contest going throughout June-you can win $50 worth of free baby clothes for your little environmentalist!

My Conservation Baby is a member of the 1% For The Planet alliance, and organization of more than 550 organizations who have committed to donating 1% of our gross sales to an environmental organization pre-approved by 1%FTP. It's considered "environmental tithing".

When Hailey's back in Chicago (the little jetsetter is currently attending a wedding), you'll get to see pictures of her in her "Stop Global Warming" shirt.

Beginning Monday, we'll be hosting a contest so TWO of you lucky readers can tell the world that you and your little one care about the Blue Planet too!

We Have a WINNER!

The winner of the Terrible Twos CD give away is JERKY! Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll be back with YET ANOTHER CONTEST Monday!

Zutano - Bottoms Up! (Part 2 of 3)

Here are our little "models" in their Zutano bottoms. A stripey skirt for her and a pair of comfy pants for him. These bottoms are totally trademark Zutano wear. These bright, bold colors are sure to be a big hit on our little ones this summer.

Check out Zutano today for some swell duds for your little superstar today!

Contest Winners! Love-Me-Knots Hair Bows

Congratulations to Jacqui Rapp and Kristi of Angel Babies! They are the winners of our Love-Me-Knots hair bows contest.

Hope you enjoy your bows, ladies!

*To everyone else who entered, thank you! You should still stop by Love-Me-Knots and look at all of the cute hair bows they offer. They really are such good quality bows and completely adorable to boot.

Please keep checking back, as we plan on holding many more contests in the near future. Don't forget to enter our CD giveaway contest for The Terrible Twos "If You Ever See an Owl"!

Rock On

When we were shopping for baby furniture, everyone kept telling us, "Oh, you MUST have a glider!" Well, the selection at Babies R Us was awful. I couldn't bear the thought of gliding with my newborn in a gingham or ruffle covered chair, no matter how comfortable it might have been. If I had known about Modern Kid though, I might have revisited the whole glider idea.

If this was one of my options (and I had the money to spend), I would buy the Monte Luca Glider in a heartbeat! As it is, this cool chair is a *bit* out of my price range (retailing for about $850 USD). It comes in 5 different colors (none of which are pink or blue!) and looks sooo comfortable. I don't know about you, but I could definitely handle having this glider in a nursery. If you don't like this style, they've got several others that are equally groovy. Be sure and check out Modern Kid's other items too! They've got room decor, toys, bags, and lots of other modern goodies that will have you spending away in their online store.

Don't be fooled into thinking all gliders are lame ever again! Thank you, Modern Kid!

CONTEST: If You Ever See An Owl...

We took our terrible two to her very first concert to see "The Terrible Twos". The band came to town supporting their brand new album, "If You Ever See an Owl". I call their sound "Indie Rock for kids and their parents". Hailey had so much fun dancing around and squealing as if she were a teenage girl. She had her socks and shoes off by the end of the show. Apparently they got in the way of her happy feet.

My husband and I have been fans of Matt Pryor's other projects for quite a while now. Matt says, "I made a record that I like that my kids like, too. We can all listen to it in the car without getting a migraine", we knew this would be right up our alley!

Here are a couple of tracks off of the new album:

mp3: Smickey - The Terrible Twos
A brief description of this song: Matt's little girl says "smickey" instead of "excuse me". Not far off from what Hailey thinks we're saying, "missy"

mp3: When I Get to Eleven - The Terrible Twos
A brief description of this song: Tim really doesn't want to turn 12 but as soon as his eleventh birthday rolls around, he realizes it's not all that bad to grow up just a little.

Hailey did very well with her first "live" concert. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and loved watching the band.

The Terrible Two's album, "If You Ever See an Owl" can be purchased at CD Baby or at Amazon.com

...But check THIS out!

We are having another CONTEST! This time, one lucky person will win a SIGNED copy of The Terrible Twos new album! The signatures are legit, I was standing right there. :) This contest will run from the 4th through the 8th with the winner being announced on Saturday the 9th.

Sign Mr. Linky below...please do not forget - when you sign Mr. Linky, be sure to type in your blog or website's URL or your email address! Otherwise, we can't include you in the contest drawing because we won't know where to contact you. If you don't have a blog, email us to enter at themums@mumsthewurd.com. The other "rule" is to leave us a comment and let us know which track you like the best!

Good luck!

How Was I to Know?!?

So I discovered today why people are willing to shell out a lot of money for a good stroller. I got my B.O.B. Revolution Stroller in the mail yesterday, and I LOVE IT. Up till now, we've been a strictly umbrella stroller family. Well, no more. I'm not sure I am willing to give up my BOB Stroller. The BOB has such a smooth feel to it. Granted, we've not gone outside with it yet, but I can tell already how much I'm going to love this thing. It's lightweight and SO easy to put together. E$ and I wheeled Noel all around the house. He was having a great time! We both said that it's almost like the stroller is doing the work and you're not struggling to make it go.

When we go to put Noel in the umbrella stroller, it's tear city. Today, he was laughing and enjoying himself. There's room for him to move around, room for drinks and snacks, and room for up to 10 lbs. of cargo underneath! As if these weren't enough selling points, you'll have no more wheels getting stuck in a weird position...the front wheel turns 360 degrees!

This is the Mercedes of strollers. I am on board the BOB Stroller train-jump on with me!