Rock On

When we were shopping for baby furniture, everyone kept telling us, "Oh, you MUST have a glider!" Well, the selection at Babies R Us was awful. I couldn't bear the thought of gliding with my newborn in a gingham or ruffle covered chair, no matter how comfortable it might have been. If I had known about Modern Kid though, I might have revisited the whole glider idea.

If this was one of my options (and I had the money to spend), I would buy the Monte Luca Glider in a heartbeat! As it is, this cool chair is a *bit* out of my price range (retailing for about $850 USD). It comes in 5 different colors (none of which are pink or blue!) and looks sooo comfortable. I don't know about you, but I could definitely handle having this glider in a nursery. If you don't like this style, they've got several others that are equally groovy. Be sure and check out Modern Kid's other items too! They've got room decor, toys, bags, and lots of other modern goodies that will have you spending away in their online store.

Don't be fooled into thinking all gliders are lame ever again! Thank you, Modern Kid!


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out the "real' rockers from ducduc? I particularly like the Eddy Rocker. Way cool. Great styling. Custom fabrics (what I'm buying).

Long wait for delivery because of popularity, and because each one is built to the specific order. Still, worth the 12 week wait.

Anonymous said...

that glider is neat.