The Baby Gift That Keeps on Giving

When Noel was born, I loved all the flowers we received, however, while they are beautiful, flowers are hard to take care of when you have a newborn. Not to mention, they die! If you want to give a bouquet that is not only beautiful, but also useful, consider giving BabyBlooms!

As you can see, BabyBlooms look like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, but they serve an even better purpose! Within each flower, you'll find a full layette of clothes for your new baby! I was sent one for Lennon, and although he is not yet here, I can't wait to see these adorable clothes on him! This bouquet comes with one sleeper, two onesies, two bibs, a burp cloth, 3 pairs of socks, a pair of newborn mittens, and a reversible hat. These items are not the flimsy, thin clothes you buy three to a pack at your local big box store either-they're all made of thick, sturdy cotton, and it appears that they will hold up nicely. They're also for 0-4 months, so babes won't grow out of them right away, like most clothes you get in a layette! They come in boy, girl, and neutral styles, and they offer several price ranges too. You can also pick up a little something for the mum, if you're so inclined. If you have other questions, check out their Customer Information page.

I'll be sure to post pictures when we actually get to use our BabyBlooms in a couple of months. I'll definitely be bringing my "bouquet" of new clothes along to the hospital!

Get Cozy with Hatley Nature!

Want to win a cool ("cool" as in "warm") Christmas gift for YOU and your kid? Hatley Nature is giving away a mum & child or baby matching set of pjs! Noel and I have our own matching set, and I must say, we look adorable when we're wearing them...although it will be a while now until I can fit back into the pants.
You'll have your choice of jammies and sizes-penguins (footed!), moose, and more. Won't it be fun to sit around the tree Christmas morning in matching pajamas?? Send us an email to mumsthewurd[at] with the subject line "Hatley" and tell us which pair you'd like to win. It's as easy as snowflakes! Good luck! Contest ends Friday, December 7, at 10 PM CST.