It's Organic, Baby

Nowadays, it seems like everything is organic. From fruit to veggies to...CLOTHES. That's right. Happy Green Bee offers lots of stripey, organic cotton, gender-free clothing and accessories for our next generation of planet-saving children.

The very impressive, Roxanne Quimby started up HappyGreenBee. Here is what she has to say about her environmentally friendly company:

"We created Happy Green Bee so that a child can be a child, first and foremost."
"By using organic cotton, a comfortable and practical fabric, and simple bee-striped patterns, children feel as comfortable as they look while their parents take a small step in making a big difference in the environment their children will live in."

These bold colors are sure to make any little one feel happy and playful. Happy Green Bee offers an array of different color combinations to choose from. Don't forget to check out their adorable sock hats and berets, too! On top of it all, they also offer FREE shipping. If you're around the Chicago area, here are just a few fine boutiques that you can find Happy Green Bee duds:
City Mouse, Shorty's Children's Boutique (site down until 5/7/07), Wild Child.
If you're in or around Texas, you can find a selection of duds here:
Wildflower, Baby Bea,
They also have numerous other boutiques scattered about the U.S. Check out their website for more information!