I'll Take a Wrap and a Pouch, to Go.

So I'm really getting into babywearing these days. I have a 3 month old now that loves to be held. I mean, he would have us holding him constantly if he could have his way. This has prompted me to become more interested in slings and babywearing. I knew that I wanted to "wear" Lennon when I started reading this blog, but I didn't realize that I would want to try out every different sling known to man. Well, I want a closet full of slings. I don't need a closet full, but it's totally addictive. Today I thought, "My sling doesn't match my outfit at all!" This is funny, because you should see me most days. Picture yoga pants, flip flops, and hair up in a messy bun. Hopefully when you're seeing me I've remembered to take a diaper bag with me, but now you can bet that I WILL have remembered a sling! Now I want my sling to match my concert t-shirt and my Jan Brady plaid pants. It's getting ridiculous!
On the left, is the Moby Wrap I got today (that's not me, in case you wondered!). I instantly liked this wrap. It's super easy to use once it's on. I know a lot of people are intimidated by the giant piece of fabric, but if I can use it, anyone can. It can be used with infants/toddlers from preemie-35 lbs., and it is extremely versatile. Just look at all the different ways you can carry your child!

I've also been using my ModMum pouch quite a bit. Lennon likes to be held facing out, and he is so content in the pouch! I didn't think I would dig the pouch, but this one is not only pretty to look at, but serves as an awesome perch for little L.

I also still really dig my ring slings from Rockin' Baby Sling (Strawberry Fields-so appropriate) & Bronwen Handcrafted. Be sure to check out Rockin' Baby Sling for the funkiest styles. Their fabrics are amazing-right up my retro alley! My light, silk ring sling from Bronwen will be perfect for summer.

I have not had the pleasure of owning one of her slings, but I just think that the owner of nest is rad, and you should buy a sling over at her store too!

To recap: babywearing is great, and I love having the chance to wear Lennon around in all these cool fabrics!

BuyGreen.com: The EPIC Product Line

I recently tested some of the EPIC (Environmental Products for Important Causes) product line sold at BuyGreen.com and of course, I was impressed. It's nice to be able to breathe and not choke after I spray some all-purpose cleaner on my counters and not feel like my skin is suffering because of toxic ingredients when I wash my hands. The EPIC hand soap contains no petroleum solvents, no dyes and no respiratory or skin irritants. Hey, the way I see it, we have to start somewhere and if that means using eco-friendly soap and cleaning products, then have at it my friends!

You should also be aware that 100% of EPIC's after-tax profit is donated to environmental conservation, education, and research.

What is also lovely about BuyGreen is that they offer a breakdown on the products that they carry. Check out their standards for the EPIC Glass and Mirror Cleaner. I really like it that they offer this extra detailed information.

BuyGreen is all about making friends with mother nature and our beautiful planet.

Our mission at BuyGreen is to become your most trusted source for green products, offering the widest variety of quality products, the best information for consumers, and the most enjoyable shopping experience.
You will find more than just cleaning products at BuyGreen. You're going to find green living items from clothing to office supplies to tech gadget accessories.

*Laura recently reviewed Isabella's Dream, the I Dream Baby products which are also available from BuyGreen.

If you're "going green", then we highly recommend you bookmarking BuyGreen.com and visiting frequently.