Have you seen any Skipping Hippos?

I have and I think they are the most adorable things EVER!

Skipping Hippos' signature fleece ponchos are quite darling and will keep your little one toasty when you're out and about. The ponchos come in an array of different colors and range in size from 6 months to size 6 and retail for around $46 each.

I am so pleased with the quality of this poncho and love wearing it on my toddler when we go outdoors. It's perfect for those days when a winter coat is a bit too heavy and a spring jacket is...well, we're just too far away from that right now! She even loves wearing it around the house, as it's kind of like being snuggled up under a warm blanket.

We hope you will all stop by the Skipping Hippos' online boutique and take a look around. Expect to receive a lot of attention when your daughter is in one of these fabulously fashionable little ponchos!

New to Skipping Hippos are the "Day in May" jackets (photo on right) - perfect for springtime! They are available in multiple colors.

*There are quite a few stores around the CA area and several around the east coast that carry Skipping Hippos ponchos. Click HERE for the list.