Get Inked!

Do you ever wonder how clean your children's hands really are? I've seen my child get into some pretty disgusting things. Just how much do you have to scrub until their hands are actually free of germs? The makers of Airborne have figured out a fun way!

According to their website, SquidSoap is the FIRST hand soap that helps teach and train proper hand-washing technique to children. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hand washing is one of the most important things children can do to help stay healthy.

SquidSoap is cleverly designed, and a fun way to get your kids to wash their hands for the proper amount of time. When you pump the soap with one hand into the other, the pump "inks" you. The ink takes approximately 20 seconds to wash off-the correct amount of time we should be washing our hands. Most kids love water, so this soap is a fun way to get your kids scrubbing well after some time in the sandbox or a messy dinner. Want to see just how it works? Go here.

I really love the smell of SquidSoap, and with my child's obsession with coloring, of course, he loves the "stamp". The one thing I have noticed is that the ink doesn't come entirely off, but I still think it's a great way to get your kids in the habit of a good hand-washing routine. SquidSoap definitely earns The Mums Seal of Approval!