The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I don't know about the rest of you, but my child LOVES to read. When people ask me for gift ideas, we're always asking for books, books, and more books! That's why I think The Gifted Grasshopper is so cool. Purchase a gift bag of books, any size, for any age child ranging from babies to 3rd grade-you can even pick the type of books that you want to include!

Aside from the bag o' books and the cute little tote that it comes in, The Gifted Grasshopper goodie bag includes a bookmark, the adorable grasshopper glasses you see on Noel, and a stuffed grasshopper named "Griffin".

Maybe it's the child of a bookstore owner in me, but I think books are just about the best gift you can give. Encouraging children to read is so important-and will hopefully start them on a life-long journey of book adoration! Next time you're wondering what to give the child who has everything already, check out The Gifted Grasshopper!

Belly Bean Designs: Announcing the moments that matter

If you're searching for that perfect announcement, invitation or photo holiday card, look no further. Belly Bean Designs offers sophisticated, professional quality photo cards so you can share your news in style.

Year after year, I am in the market for that unique holiday card that will have my family and friends oohing and ahhing. I'm pleased to know about Belly Bean Designs and will definitely consider them the next time I need to send out a special message.

Belly Bean Designs offers card choices using photo paper, matte or metallic (gorgeous!) or card stock (several different choices in this style). They also offer mounted announcements that are every bit as delicate-looking as your newborn.

Belly Bean Designs is offering MTW readers a 10% discount at their site when you use the code, "BBDtake10" at checkout.