Parenting, from A to Z

Don't we all look back on our childhoods and say to ourselves, "I will never be like that," or "I'll never say _____ (fill in the blank) to my kids." Then, the moment comes, that inevitable time, when you are talking to your child, and you think to yourself, "NOOOOOOOOOO! Did I really hear my own mother's voice just come out of my mouth!?!" We all fall in to the trap of trying to be a perfect parent. Let's face it-we won't ever be perfect, and that's ok. However, Dr. Jenn Berman has created an A to Z guide to help us out along this parenting journey.
The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids is one of the better parenting books I have read. This book touches on all the topics we struggle with: self-esteem (F), healthy relationships with food (A), family meals (N), marriage (W), raising a down-to-earth child in this "gimme" society (G), raising boys (Y) and girls (X), and much more. Dr. Jenn is not only a therapist, but she's got her own children, so she really understands the ins and outs of this parenthood adventure. The book straightforward and helps you to understand the reason that certain scenarios may occur with your children. A to Z isn't just for parents of older children either. The foundations we set up for our families early will have lasting effects on us and our children, so we should start now giving our families a firm one to grow on. This book will lead you in a good direction to guide your parenting skills in a direction that will help you and your children to thrive in a happy, functional household.

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We are giving away two SIGNED copies of Dr. Jenn Berman's excellent and resourceful guide. Email us (themums @ mumsthewurd . com) with what is your biggest parenting challenge, and put A to Z in the subject line. Contest will run through next Sunday, October 21st, at 10 PM. GOOD LUCK!

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