My bubba is a goofball

From the day that Hailey was born, I have always referred to her as "bubba". She was so tiny, weighing in at only 5 lbs. 15 oz. at birth (a month premature). She couldn't be anything other than a bubba to me. Well, that term of endearment has stuck and to this day, just shy of 23 months, she's still my little bubba. Any of my friends can vouch for me on that one.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found MeGiant and their adorable, tell it like it is collection of creepers and long-sleeve tees from 3 mos to 4T.

Hannah Wygal and Theresa Monica, founders of MeGiant, are keeping it real. If you call your little one a kitty rabbit or a boogey woogey, let it be known to the world.

Their first line of creepers and tees was Wee Bubba. Seven designs make up this line of name-calling, cutsie-wootsie clothing. The second line created was the Chirp Daddy line. Birds that go woof and pigs that meow. Why should we separate farm animals and zoo animals? They should all be one big happy animal family, right? The newest edition to the MeGiant family is the Twins line. The question is, who wears "copy" and who wears "paste"?

Yet another new edition is the Pirate line. Have a little Jack Sparrow on your hands, do ya? Arrr!

The Wee Bubba and Chirp Daddy lines come with their own cute, classic metal lunch box (as seen in picture above). MeGiant apparel would make perfect gifts for the new parents but don't just stop there, they would make perfect gifts anytime!

So tell us, what is your favorite term of endearment for your little squirts?