Bronwen Handcrafted

Bronwen Handcrafted is the ultimate in "baby bohemian". If you know me, you know that I've always aspired to be more of a hippie (with little success), but I was excited nonetheless, when Bronwen asked me to review one of her slings. Bronwen's line is right up my alley. The less "adorned", the better, in my opinion. That's why I really love her elegant, yet simple designs. I haven't been able to use this sling much with Noel because there's just not a lot of room for him on my hip right now :), but I love the material and the design! I like that the tail isn't too long. In my (limited) experience with other ring slings, I've often noticed that there is way too much unnecessary material. This blue flocking design is silk and very lightweight with big, velvety flowers. It will be perfect for carrying Lennon about town.

Bronwen also has a great selection of other ring slings, and a couple of other styles as well. I really wanted to try out the podaegi, but I could not justify a "warm" sling in this Texas weather. Isn't it gorgeous??

Bronwen also has a nice selection of other wares. If you want a little Guatemalan nebaj and shoes for your tiny tot, or some other groovy duds, check out these cool, comfy clothes! Bronwen also has some beautiful and unique quilts and jewelry for the big folks that are quite lovely. For anyone that wants something cool and unconventional, head over to Bronwen Handcrafted!