The Mums Heart Jasper Hearts Wren!

Did you get all of that?

We really do though...heart...Jasper Hearts Wren! Jasper Hearts Wren is a chic boutique that is owned and operated by two gals out of a house on a hill in Oakland, CA. One of the many reasons why we dig these chicks is because they quit working for "the man" to work for "the club" full time!

Hailey over here has on the Birdie Legs Tiny Tank.

The birdie design is is made from a soft felt and after wearing the tank for two days in a row (sometimes that happens), it has surely become one of our favorite summer tops.

We're big fans of how the design is uniquely placed off-centered and lower on the top. That really sets us off from the rest of the crowd.

Oh, we also absolutely LOVE the stitching on the design. It's obvious that Heather and Lisa (co-founders) pay special attention to each piece that they create.

This Fall, Jasper Hearts Wren will be introducing additional designs to their already adorable collection of rockin' robots, orbiting rocket ships and whimsical dandelions blowing in the breeze. The line-up includes Jasper's Loungewear, JHW bibs and Wren's Dresses & Bloomers.

You really have to stop by their website and check out all of their onesies, tanks and accessories, especially the hipster headbands for both mommies and daughters.


Our giveaway with Jasper Hearts Wren!

You have a chance to win a Birdie Legs tank top like the one Hailey has on! The tank is offered in three sizes: 2, 4 & 6.

The "rules" are...SIGN MR. LINKY! It's not hard, you just have to enter your name and URL in the spaces provided. Tell all of your friends about our contest! Remember, if you don't have a blog, you MUST EMAIL us your contact information or leave it in a comment so if you win, we can get in touch with you.

The contest will run until Tuesday night, June 26th with the winner being announced on Wednesday morning. You can click on our "Contest" button below the header to view the winners of any of our contests.

Good luck!