Organize me: Here, there and everywhere!

I just received my BusyBodyBook in the mail. This organizer is the greatest thing since Fruity Cheerios (& if you aren't fond of Fruity Cheerios, [insert greatest thing here])! Here is me: Mom of a toddler, CEO of the household, avid blogger, amateur photographer, part-time barista & member of two active mom's groups among other things.
Just try and tell me I don't need THIS organizer!

The BusyBodyBook organizer, in my opinion, stands out from all the rest. The organizer's set up is very spacious and pleasing to the eye. Aside from the basics such as, a section for birthdays and anniversaries and months at a glance, it has grid-like pages showing seven days and FIVE columns. The best feature of the book is that the columns are left BLANK, not to mention the "To Doodles", "Notes" and perforated "To Do" section (take breath here). You can tailor the book to yours and your family's needs. I am also planning on investing in the BusyBodyBook's Weekly Fridge GRID Pad. The fridge pad has SEVEN columns, as opposed to the organizer's five. Plenty-o-room for keeping track of all family events on an 11 x 8.5 magnetic pad. Guess what, weight could track what you eat and drink during the day! It will be right there in front of you. Oh yes, you can use this fridge pad and organizer to track ANYTHING.

The organizer comes in two different versions: the academic year (Aug. through Sept.) or calendar year (Jan. through Dec.) Each version is available in two stylish covers. I have the academic BBB, perfect for moms with school-age children (or college students). It will still work just as well for my busy body self. Check it out, students can use the BBB for school subjects, the employed can use it for work projects, the average Joe can use it for personal goals. Those are just a few of the many ways you can utilize this

Seriously, people. You NEED this book! Guess what? We're giving away FOUR of the BusyBodyBook organizers! Aren't you LUCKY? :)

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Here are the giveaway specifics: Sign Mr. Linky below (because that's how we choose our winners) and then GET CREATIVE. Leave us a comment (comment link is below Mr. Linky) telling us how YOU plan to use YOUR BusyBodyBook organizer (if you can't figure out the comments, EMAIL us.) Oh and of course we'd love for you to link to our contest from your blog or website as well! Our motto is: "The more, the merrier!" The BBB contest will run until Saturday, June 30th at midnight, with the winner being announced the morning of July 1st (check our "Contests" section for the winners).

*If you'd like to just order yourself a BusyBodyBook organizer or fridge pad, click HERE.

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