Where Does the Time Go?

Happy 2nd Birthday, to Our Favorite Bug!
The Wonderful Ms. Hailey (and her future husband) are what make this blog possible. Thanks for being our friend from far away. We love you, Hailey! Happy Birthday!

Love, Noel, Lennon (to-be) Laura & Mr. $

What's Cookin'?

Planning a week's worth of meals is a daunting task. My problem is that I fall into the same routines. Taco night, spaghetti, burgers, pizza, um...taco night again...as most of you out there with families know, the thought planning a menu that's different from day to day is as daunting as climbing mount everest. That's one reason I was so excited when I got an email about a free trial for What's Cooking Weekly. For $35, you can get 6 months of seasonal and unique menus every day! What's Cooking even provides you with a list of what you'll need for your shopping list for each meal. Most of the meals are simple and have easy-to-find ingredients.

Ok...I admit, I have not done this religiously, but I have probably made 10 of the meals provided (and printed them all out to add to my collection of recipes), and they were all delish, easy, and fairly quick. My son is a little young to help in the kitchen (although he wants to SO BADLY!), but each recipe gives you ways that you can engage your children in each meal you cook. Isn't that the dream of every cook, to have a little crew of helpers? What's Cooking has more than just a meal planner too. They've got classes, parties, community events, and more...see more here, and also see their gift items!

Instead of spending money going out to eat, get the family involved in cooking at home. Not only will it save you money, it will teach your kids all sorts of things about cooking, and best of all, it will bring your family together! Get cooking now!