Is EVERYONE Turning 30?

Except me...I'm already there *ahem*, 31 to be exact...but the lovely Amy will turn 30 on Halloween, and our pal Christine is hitting the Dirty 30 as well...and she's got a great big give away going on to commemorate her day! Here's what you've gotta do to win!

  • Sign the Mr. Linky below. If you do not have a blog, you may still enter. I will ask that you email 3 of your friends and CC me at (Make sure you still sign the Mr. Linky!)
  • Leave me a comment telling me which item you would like to win, and why.
  • Remember that each day, I will be playing a fun party game, and you will have an extra chance to win!!

    1. **Don't forget that we've got giveaways galore going on too! Click here, here, and here to enter!**

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