here comes peter cottontail, hoppin' down the runway

We're ready for Easter, are you? We found this ADORABLE little dress at Old Navy and jelly shoes, which seem to have come back into style, at Gap.

So many stores out there have cute Easter outfits, it was hard to choose. We also found a little white purse and white gloves in the dollar bins at Target, can't beat that. Although, we ARE still searching for that perfect Easter bonnet. My little girl will be the most fashionable one at the Easter Egg Hunts!

bathtub artsy fartsy

We experimented with bathtub crayons tonight. My little toddler really loved scribbling all over the tub. She was oooing and ahhhing all over the place. I picked up these Crayola Bath Crayons at our local CVS Pharmacy.
I think next time around, I will opt for the thicker crayons. These are like "push-ups". Seems like there is a lot less crayon than the thicker ones and the tips are more likely to break off. However, these were a snap to clean up. I basically just wet a washcloth and wiped the crayon markings from the tub.

it's the story of a lovely t-shirt (and shorts)

one of my goals as a parent is to ensure that my child is forever dressed like a member of the brady bunch.  not only did i stumble on some very brady shirts, but i found them at a super bargain!  old navy has a slew of boy clothes for summer that i am SO down with.  note the bright colors and super 70s stripes!  best of all, you can mix & match 3 items (3 shirts, 2 shirts/1 short, 3 shorts, etc.) for the LOW price of $5 per item!  i've also noticed with my own old navy duds, that they wear well, despite being on the "cheap" side.  i got them a little big, since it's "summer" for about 8 months of the year here.  these outfits should last us a while!  i *heart* you, old navy!

brush the teeth!

Growing up, my mother always made a dentist appointment for me every six months. Thank goodness for that! However, I have always had problems with my teeth. For as long as I can remember, I have had cavities and had to get fillings. As an adult, I've had three wisdom teeth removed (so far). I have slacked a little on going to the dentist now that I'm on my own but I am trying harder to get back there every six months. It's harder now with our ever-changing insurance plans. I just paid a visit to my dentist last night. I have THREE cavities, two of which need root canals. YUCK! As I laid there, listening to the sweet sound of the drill, I thought of Hailey. My little toddler who is bound to have bad teeth because of her parents. I haven't been great with brushing her teeth yet but I am going to make a pact with myself that those pearly white babies will be brushed every night from now on. I don't want her to have to suffer through mouth pain like we have.

Currently, we're using the Crest toddler toothbrush below. Seems to work great for her. It's small enough for her mouth and has Elmo on it, one of her favorite characters.

We're using the Grins & Giggles Tooth and Gum Cleanser as well. She doesn't mind the taste of it at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Starting early is the best practice. Show you're little ones that it's important to brush everyday!


button-flies, that's what my toddler calls the new butterfly decorations that are hanging from the ceiling above her crib.

i found these adorable butterflies at an ebay store called they sell nylon wall hangings. i have to say, it is mostly catered toward girls, which works fine for me! although, if you have a garden, they would make great decorations out there too. the butterflies look super cute hanging from the ceiling and i bought a pack of five for under $15!

go ahead, pay a visit to their ebay store sometime!