it's the story of a lovely t-shirt (and shorts)

one of my goals as a parent is to ensure that my child is forever dressed like a member of the brady bunch.  not only did i stumble on some very brady shirts, but i found them at a super bargain!  old navy has a slew of boy clothes for summer that i am SO down with.  note the bright colors and super 70s stripes!  best of all, you can mix & match 3 items (3 shirts, 2 shirts/1 short, 3 shorts, etc.) for the LOW price of $5 per item!  i've also noticed with my own old navy duds, that they wear well, despite being on the "cheap" side.  i got them a little big, since it's "summer" for about 8 months of the year here.  these outfits should last us a while!  i *heart* you, old navy!


Anonymous said...

That might be a very Brady look, but it is also very cute and clean and mixable. The shirts will do when it's cooler, and will look great under hoodies and such.

Old Navy brings you in with good deals and keeps you coming with quality and good looks.

By the way, why don't you guys have a grandparent section, so they can buy cool stuff for your kids, Laura can save and Amy will have even more money to spend on her manias.