CONTEST: If You Ever See An Owl...

We took our terrible two to her very first concert to see "The Terrible Twos". The band came to town supporting their brand new album, "If You Ever See an Owl". I call their sound "Indie Rock for kids and their parents". Hailey had so much fun dancing around and squealing as if she were a teenage girl. She had her socks and shoes off by the end of the show. Apparently they got in the way of her happy feet.

My husband and I have been fans of Matt Pryor's other projects for quite a while now. Matt says, "I made a record that I like that my kids like, too. We can all listen to it in the car without getting a migraine", we knew this would be right up our alley!

Here are a couple of tracks off of the new album:

mp3: Smickey - The Terrible Twos
A brief description of this song: Matt's little girl says "smickey" instead of "excuse me". Not far off from what Hailey thinks we're saying, "missy"

mp3: When I Get to Eleven - The Terrible Twos
A brief description of this song: Tim really doesn't want to turn 12 but as soon as his eleventh birthday rolls around, he realizes it's not all that bad to grow up just a little.

Hailey did very well with her first "live" concert. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and loved watching the band.

The Terrible Two's album, "If You Ever See an Owl" can be purchased at CD Baby or at

...But check THIS out!

We are having another CONTEST! This time, one lucky person will win a SIGNED copy of The Terrible Twos new album! The signatures are legit, I was standing right there. :) This contest will run from the 4th through the 8th with the winner being announced on Saturday the 9th.

Sign Mr. Linky below...please do not forget - when you sign Mr. Linky, be sure to type in your blog or website's URL or your email address! Otherwise, we can't include you in the contest drawing because we won't know where to contact you. If you don't have a blog, email us to enter at The other "rule" is to leave us a comment and let us know which track you like the best!

Good luck!