Belly Bands!

I had a dilemma. When Noel was just a few months old, we made the "decision" that he would "probably" be our only baby. When I went back to work, I gave all of my maternity clothes to a pregnant co-worker. All of them. So, when I got pregnant again, I found myself in a bit of a pickle. This baby started to make my jeans tight much sooner than with my first pregnancy, which was fine, except for the fact that I had no clothes to wear. Well, luckily a nice co-worker's sister had just had a baby and had lots of pants! And what's better than a bunch of free maternity pants? I can still wear all of my tops that I had JUST purchased before this pregnancy! How, you ask? Well, with my Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band, of course! Ok, I'm not THAT big yet, but I hate for the hideous "pants panel" to show under my shirts. The Baby Be Mine solves this problem! They are extremely easy to use. Just pull it under or over any shirt to give your clothes a layered look or the longer look.

The Maternity Belly Bands come in lots of cute colors and patterns. I went with black, simply because I wear lots of black, so it goes with almost my entire wardrobe (uh, except the brown clothes :) ). Baby Be Mine has received tons of press this year! Lots of famous moms-to-be have purchased a maternity band and given rave reviews-as do I! If you're pregnant and want to save your current wardrobe and avoid the tent tops, visit Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands today!
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Fisher Price Recall Information - Please pass along!

Laura and I are parent consumers just like all of you and we want to make sure that you are all aware of the Fisher Price toys recall. Please click HERE to view the Fisher Price toy recall list. Follow their guidelines if you find that you own one or more of the recalled toys.

Click HERE to view a video message from the Mattel Chairman/CEO.

As always, spread the wUrd!

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Zutano's Hot Summer Sale


The summer may be winding down, the kids preparing for back to school, but before you start looking ahead to fall, take advantage of the best deals of the summer season at Zutano's HOT SUMMER SALE!! We've added NEW STYLES & COLORS to our selection of sale items AND marked the whole lot down to 50% OFF! Tops, bottoms, boy and girl styles - this is your last chance to get this season's best and brightest, most comfortable Zutano clothing before it disappears for good!

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