Sweet Threads for Little Punks

That is "Punk-N-Pie's" catchy little tagline. I don't even think they need one, check out the adorable items they offer and these are only a few...

Seriously, how cute is that bug tee? And that Blogger Bag, pretty sweet if you are a blogger on the go, such ourselves here at MumsTheWurd. How about some wall art or bath items? Punk-N-Pie is a Honolulu, HI based company that once again, started up because of those little apple's of our eyes and a parent's want for non mass-produced kid's stuff. Well, they've sure got it, so head on over to Punk-N-Pie and say "Aloha! MumsTheWurd sent me!

EDIT: You can save 10% off your next order by using code "MUM10" at checkout!