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Matilda Jane Clothing

Alright. I love shopping. I could shop for hours upon hours. The only problem is...I've seen it all before. What I must tell you is nothing gets me more excited than finding apparel that is super unique and original. Denise, Matilda Jane Clothing's owner and designer really hit the nail on the head with her funky and fresh sense of style. Her clothing line geared toward little girls and women makes my heart skip a beat!

Owner, Denise DeMarchis says:

"I want Matilda Jane clothing to make a little girl smile from ear to ear. I want her to love what she is wearing and be proud of how she looks. I want Matilda Jane clothing to showcase the sweetness of the child. I try to keep the silhouettes simple for that reason. It's not about fancy embroidery or over-the-top embellishments. It’s all about the darling girl wearing it."
Sizes in the children's line range from six months to 12 years. Now best of all, the women's line is available in sizes S-XL. The quality and attention to detail of these pieces is so impressive. I took my Matilda Jane Holly Hoodie to NYC with me last month and I'm sure heads were turning. My brick house tank accompanied me to Disney World last month, too. It was perfect in that gorgeous seventy degree weather!

I simply adore the funky and precious children's line. We have the adorable Vintage Ellie Halter ($34) that you see to the left and I've been so anxious to get some shots of Hailey wearing it.

Matilda Jane Clothing is only available through trunk shows, juried art fairs and the Matilda Jane catalog. You can view the entire Spring 2008 line HERE.

Phthalate free luxury ducks and whatnot

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind being seen at the pool hanging out with these guys. These are the most fashionable, trendy ducks I have ever laid eyes on and there are more where they came from.

At Designroom, you will find a slew of BUD luxury ducks like Moroccan, Punk and Peace duck pictured above. They are phthalate free and US and CE approved. You're crazy if you think these are just fun for the kids...surprise someone with a luxury duck for their birthday or give one as a house-warming gift. Luxury ducks are $8.99 a pop.

I'm also digging this sweet swim ring in Daydream by BUD($12). I'll be rockin' this baby in the north woods in a few weeks.

I may have to splurge and get the matching BUD beach ball ($12). It would be fun hitting this 36" inflatable around in the lake!

I could talk and talk about the BUD products by Designroom but I really don't want to delay you from heading over to their website and browsing around the rest of the cool products there. Check out all of the fab new summertime products while you're there!

Photo Creations with HP

I generally do no print out my digital photos. Reason being, I take A LOT...of digital photos. It's very hard for me to choose which ones to print when I have five of the same shot. Besides, I took a break from real scrapbooking when I realized all of the cool things you can do with digital photos online or just with programs on your computer.

I broke down and took a disc of pictures to my local Meijer yesterday to take a stab at an photo creation. I've been eying up the HP Photo Center kiosks (photo on left) there for some time and never really thought about taking the time to make something.

I can say now that I'm glad I did and I will definitely continue making more. The process was painless and fortunately, there was a store employee there to guide me through, in case I needed help. If you decide to try out this neat way of making photo gifts, here are my recommendations:

  • Before you go to the store, organize your pictures. My project consisted of about 100 photos and I could have saved time doing this before-hand. For instance, if you're going to create a photo book, arrange your photos on your computer at home. Give the pictures filenames that will ensure they stay in a specific order. Choose only the photos you want to include in your photo book.
  • Save your photos to a disc or memory card. The HP kiosks accept CDs, multiple size memory cards and USB drives.
Your pictures will be loaded onto the kiosk at the store (they will be deleted after you finish your project). Chose your photo creation. Pick from calendars, photo books, mouse pads, mugs, etc. Some creations are ready within an hour and some take more time. I felt that the prices were really reasonable too. I create a personal calendar for my mom every year with photos that I take. Next year's calendar will be created at Meijer using the HP Photo Center kiosk.

If you're interested in learning more, you can check out this HP Photo Services Demo.

Find a location by clicking HERE. Hopefully there is one near you!

For a limited time, if you buy a 16x20 poster, you get one free! Click HERE for the coupon. I think this promotion ends on May 31st...so there isn't much time left.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you've tried out the HP Photo Center kiosk and what project you created. We'd love to hear about it!

*In case you're wondering...I'm really digging HP products right now! I've had my HP Pavilion dv6707 laptop for about three months and I LOVE it!

I'll Take a Wrap and a Pouch, to Go.

So I'm really getting into babywearing these days. I have a 3 month old now that loves to be held. I mean, he would have us holding him constantly if he could have his way. This has prompted me to become more interested in slings and babywearing. I knew that I wanted to "wear" Lennon when I started reading this blog, but I didn't realize that I would want to try out every different sling known to man. Well, I want a closet full of slings. I don't need a closet full, but it's totally addictive. Today I thought, "My sling doesn't match my outfit at all!" This is funny, because you should see me most days. Picture yoga pants, flip flops, and hair up in a messy bun. Hopefully when you're seeing me I've remembered to take a diaper bag with me, but now you can bet that I WILL have remembered a sling! Now I want my sling to match my concert t-shirt and my Jan Brady plaid pants. It's getting ridiculous!
On the left, is the Moby Wrap I got today (that's not me, in case you wondered!). I instantly liked this wrap. It's super easy to use once it's on. I know a lot of people are intimidated by the giant piece of fabric, but if I can use it, anyone can. It can be used with infants/toddlers from preemie-35 lbs., and it is extremely versatile. Just look at all the different ways you can carry your child!

I've also been using my ModMum pouch quite a bit. Lennon likes to be held facing out, and he is so content in the pouch! I didn't think I would dig the pouch, but this one is not only pretty to look at, but serves as an awesome perch for little L.

I also still really dig my ring slings from Rockin' Baby Sling (Strawberry Fields-so appropriate) & Bronwen Handcrafted. Be sure to check out Rockin' Baby Sling for the funkiest styles. Their fabrics are amazing-right up my retro alley! My light, silk ring sling from Bronwen will be perfect for summer.

I have not had the pleasure of owning one of her slings, but I just think that the owner of nest is rad, and you should buy a sling over at her store too!

To recap: babywearing is great, and I love having the chance to wear Lennon around in all these cool fabrics!

BuyGreen.com: The EPIC Product Line

I recently tested some of the EPIC (Environmental Products for Important Causes) product line sold at BuyGreen.com and of course, I was impressed. It's nice to be able to breathe and not choke after I spray some all-purpose cleaner on my counters and not feel like my skin is suffering because of toxic ingredients when I wash my hands. The EPIC hand soap contains no petroleum solvents, no dyes and no respiratory or skin irritants. Hey, the way I see it, we have to start somewhere and if that means using eco-friendly soap and cleaning products, then have at it my friends!

You should also be aware that 100% of EPIC's after-tax profit is donated to environmental conservation, education, and research.

What is also lovely about BuyGreen is that they offer a breakdown on the products that they carry. Check out their standards for the EPIC Glass and Mirror Cleaner. I really like it that they offer this extra detailed information.

BuyGreen is all about making friends with mother nature and our beautiful planet.

Our mission at BuyGreen is to become your most trusted source for green products, offering the widest variety of quality products, the best information for consumers, and the most enjoyable shopping experience.
You will find more than just cleaning products at BuyGreen. You're going to find green living items from clothing to office supplies to tech gadget accessories.

*Laura recently reviewed Isabella's Dream, the I Dream Baby products which are also available from BuyGreen.

If you're "going green", then we highly recommend you bookmarking BuyGreen.com and visiting frequently.

Oh My, Medela!

I have been anxiously awaiting this. I got it today, took it RIGHT out of the box, cleaned it, and used it. I know, I am nuts. I love it, and I can't wait to tell you more about it!!!

Zune: How do you listen to your music?

I recently had the opportunity to test out a 2nd generation Zune (launched November of 2007). Little miss pink (pictured above) traveled with me to Disney last month. When it comes to mp3 players, I like both Zune and iPod. They are only slightly different and I have my pros and cons about each player/software but if you're contemplating purchasing an mp3 player and it comes down to either of the aforementioned, you're going to get great quality either way you decide to go.

Zune comes in different colors and is available with a 4 gig, 8 gig or 80 gig storage option. I say the more storage, the better! Because if you're anything like me, you don't carry a "brag book" with you. Just sync your digital photos to the Zune and there ya have it, a portable photo album of the fam. The player also has an FM tuner, which is cool for local stuff. I really like the video display and quality, much better than the iPod (I'm not talking iPhone or iTouch here). Just recently, Zune updated its Marketplace and added an extensive video section where you can get download-to-own content from favorite tv shows like The Office and 30 Rock, to content partners like NBC, MTV, Comedy Central and so on.

The more I browse around the Zune Marketplace and and software, the more it's growing on me. As an iPod owner, I'm so used to iTunes, so of course, this takes some getting used to. One nice option that Zune offers is their "Zune Pass", where you get unlimited music for $14.99/mo. Can't really beat that. There are also 5,000 podcasts available for download as well. I've even gotten "Social" on their website.

Overall, I think the Zune is a great product for the money and I would recommend checking one out.

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Winner's announcements

Hi there! Slacker-moms-r-us here! Ahhh, just kidding. We've both been busy with this and that. We're officially announcing the winners here for our past four contests. Winner's have been notified via email.

Mia Reading "Bugaboo Bug" software contest: Julie E.

Rare Plumage Purse: Melanie P.

Zutano "Itzy Bitzy" layette set: Andrea S.

Way Out Wax set of Aromatherapy Candles: Heather C.

Congratulations, everyone! More giveaways coming soon and maybe a few other little "surprises". Keep checking back!


The Mums

They like us, they REALLY like us!

MumsTheWurd was mentioned in a post at the Silicon Valley Moms blog, written by the Techmama herself, Beth Blecherman!

Thanks, Beth!

In case you weren't already aware, I am a contributor at the Chicago Moms Blog, which is a part of the Silicon Valley Moms Group. Here are the links to all of the fabulous mom blogs around the country:

Be on the lookout because more of the Silicon Valley Moms Group blogs are popping up everywhere - hopefully in a city near you! Do you live in or around LA or St. Louis? These cities are next on the list! Feel free to email me if you want the scoop.

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you beautiful women who are also known as "mother":

Happy Mother's Day!

Laura and I will be celebrating right along with you. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Barenaked Ladies: Snacktime is FINALLY released!

I've been DYING to post about the brand new Barenaked Ladies kid's album, Snacktime. This is the band's first ever album geared toward the smaller human-kind. It is surely no disappointment and is at the top of our list of albums to listen to that parents and kids can enjoy together. I wouldn't have expected any less from BNL, as this band is known for their witty lyrics and bouncy sing-alongs. Come on, I still walk around singing, "If I had a million dollars..." Can never seem to get that song out of my head. Although, I should mention that it may be soon replaced with "Raisins" off of Snacktime. Totally catchy and silly with whistle-alongs and whatnot.

Snacktime, which was released on Desperation Records just a few days ago (May 6th), consists of a mix of 24 original tracks and this is what the band has to say about them:

"Our collective kids now outnumber the band more than 2 to 1," explains vocalist/guitarist Ed Robertson. "We set out to make a record that would be entertaining for them…not strictly a children’s record, but a record that children would really enjoy. Our kids are in to all kinds of music. They love the They Might Be Giants kids records, but they also love The Beatles, Fountains of Wayne, Randy Newman, Black Eyed Peas and Green Day. Making the focus about what our kids like was a truly liberating process and fun for the whole band."

"Besides, our biological clocks are ticking," jokes drummer Tyler Stewart. "The medical risks associated with releasing children's music after age 40 are well documented, and we thought it best not to put any of our lives in danger."
So in closing, I urge you to pick up this album and never take it out of your cd player, iPod, Zune, or whatever type of gadget you listen to music on. Just keep playing it over and over and over! You're kids will totally dig it and I don't doubt that you will too.

I leave you with 7 8 9, the first track off of Snacktime. Enjoy!

mp3: 7 8 9 - Barenaked Ladies

Plant a Reading Seed

I've always loved to read, and I've always wanted my children to develop a love for reading early. Noel has already begun to show a lot of interest in books, which is awesome.
Last summer, I told you about a set of DVDs that we received; Your Baby Can Read! Well, unfortunately we were not persistent with the DVDs (but Noel does recognize a few words thanks to this set, so I know with some gumption, we would have a little reader on our hands). Now, Your Baby Can Read! offers books to go along with each DVD. The great thing about these books is that the pages are water & TEAR proof (why don't they do this with all kids books??)!! The Lift-a-Flap Books show a word, then the correlating object behind the flap. Within a couple days of having these and looking at them, Noel could pick out the right words when we'd ask him. I am convinced that these books and DVDs do work. We're going to start over with the DVDs and see what happens.

Another book we received will help steer your child in the direction of green living early. My Bag and Me shows how even the littlest among us can help protect the Earth by doing something as simple as bringing your own bag to the grocery store. This book includes a pint-sized bag just for your child! Check out Penton Overseas for more great choices for kids.

Way Out Wax: Something nice for the mum

We have another fab Mother's Day Giveaway for you!

Here is your chance to win an assortment of 6 pure aromatherapy candles in recycled white smoked glass containers from Way Out Wax.

These candles will all burn for hours upon hours and you can rest easy knowing that Way Out Wax uses no synthetic scents, wax or wicks. Their candles come from 100% pure essential oils. These candles are excellent for mom's with allergies or who are pregnant. Way Out Wax is a very "green" company. Click here to read about their environmental commitment. They are located in northern Vermont and have a very sincere focus on health and well-being.

Here's how to enter:

For your chance to win 6 aromatherapy candles of your choice, send your answer to the following question to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with "Way Out Wax" in the subject line:

Question: "How many aromatherapy 'single scents' and 'synergies' does Way Out Wax carry?" (Hint: click HERE)

A winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, May 10th and announced on Sunday, May 11th - Mother's Day.

Good luck!

A Gift Idea for New Mums or Mums-to-Be

What does one get for someone about to become a mom? How about a Wishing Well memory maker from Zinke Designs? This unique gift can be used for many occasions, but the birth of a baby is a perfect one! Use this lovely box of note cards to have friends and family share their wishes for your family on the arrival of your new bundle of joy. This special gift comes with 150 cards, a pen, and a keepsake box complete with a customizable photo area for the special occasion.

My sister did something similar for me when I had my first baby. It's great to go back and look at all of the wishes, dreams, and hopes that our loved ones have for our family. What a special way to commemorate such a wonderful time! Find the perfect design for your special mum here.

Rain, Rain, You're Welcome to Stay-Cool Boots for the Rain!

Given that it's almost Summer, I might be a little behind on this, but it has been raining across the country...
If you're going to go out in the rain, you don't have to look sad and depressing in an old pair of black galoshes. Head over to Vincent to find the most fashionable kids rain boots around. These groovy boots are not only nice to look at, but they also have a safety reflector on the back. Safe & easy on the eye... Noel is pictured here in the GRAFFEs. I love the 60s style of these boots. If you like something a bit more traditional, take a look at the DJUNGELs or the FROGs. They've got lots of styles of boots that should tickle your fancy!

Zutano Offers a Mother's Day Treat!

Zutano has once again paired up with the Mums to offer our readers a chance to win this adorable newborn layette in the Celery Dot style (unisex) and Celery blanket. The Itzy Bitzy Collection is specifically made for preemie's and newborns...something Laura and I are very familiar with!

The Itzy Bitzy line fits new babies from 4 to 8 lbs. and up to 18 inches in length. So tiny!!! I can't believe my two and a half year old was ever that small but she was! There are seven styles to choose from in the Itzy Bitzy line and six different prints.

So, if you're a brand new mama or you know someone who will be celebrating their first Mother's Day with a new baby, make sure you enter to win!

The items included in the gift package (retailed at $90) are:

  • An Itzy Bitzy layette: one size for the littlest newborn
  • The Celery Dot Kimono top
  • Celery multi-stripe leggings
  • Celery Dot Footie
  • Celery Dot Hat
  • Celery Caterpillar body wrap onezie
  • Cozie blanket in celery multi-stripe and solid celery
Here is how to enter:

Send an email to mumsthewurd[at]gmail[dot]com with "Itzy Bitzy" in the subject line. Let us know if you have anything special planned for yourself this Mother's Day - which is on May 11th, in case you weren't already aware. : )

We will randomly choose a winner at 10pm CST on Saturday, May 10th. Winner will be announced on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 11th.

Good luck!