It's good to be King and Queen Baby, right?

Snobby Babies gives your baby the latest in tiny couture, from chic fabric slip covers for your Baby Bjorn/Snuggli to designer inspired bibs and clothing.

I just received a groovy Snobby bib, burp cloth, and travel wipe holder gift set in one of my favorite patterns: DOTS! I really love the fabric that they offer on all their bib sets. Now for the burp cloth and wipe holder, both of which I immediately put in my diaper bag (the burp cloth will work great for emergencies or big messes at restaurants). Take a look! Awesome, no?

(click photo to enlarge)

I know! He looks completely ADORABLE. Isn't it cute? I think chenille is one of the greatest fabrics EVER for babies and kids, so I was dually impressed that the bib and burp cloth are lined with it. I'll definitely be ordering these sets for baby showers! Snobby Babies has tons of other great gift sets to fit any budget.

And now for the girliest of girl items...the Fairytale Princess Tutu Set! You should have heard the ear piercing squeal that I let out when I received the tutu set. Took me less than three seconds to slap that baby upon my little princess. She, too, looks quite adorable I must say. =)

(click photo to enlarge)

This is one of the prettiest tutus that I have seen around. The little flower on the front is just darling and makes it very unique. Its elastic band makes it a "grow-with-me" piece and that gets top ratings in our household. offers many more stylish items (hats, shoes, diaper bags to name a few). Get on over there and make sure your little one is dressed to impress!

~Laura & Amy~