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Welcome to our book review section! We'll be reviewing mostly children's books, especially the ones that we have in our homes at the moment. There are so many to pick from and they're all so cute! We want to let you know what our favorites are.

If you have a book recommendation, please EMAIL us! We may ask you if we can post your review in this section!

To start things off, here is our featured vintage Ebay store, The Umbrella Shoppe Collectibles.

The Umbrella Shoppe Collectibles store is owned and operated by proud daddy, Elliott Seymour. He is a stay-at-home dad and runs this fine business out of his home.

Elliott offers a ton of great vintage children's books and coloring books, such as: Benji, Star Wars, a Bugs Bunny coloring book and Dr. Seuss to name a few.

So when you have a chance, head over to The Umbrella Shoppe Collectibles vintage children's book section and browse to your little heart's content! It will be sure to bring back some childhood memories of your own.

Reader Laura recommends:

Did you ever remember reading those Mr. Men and Little Miss books (and I think it was a TV show on Nick Jr. for a while) that had the characters such as "Mr. Mischief", "Mr. Messy", "Little Miss Sunshine", etc.?? I totally remember these books and I LOVED them. I hope that I can find them for Dylan somewhere!

Reader Natalie recommends:

My four year old received "A Picnic with Monet" when she was a year old. She still enjoys looking at the artwork and reciting the words to her baby sister. I fell in love with this board book immediately because of its beautiful pictures and easy to memorize verse. It is a great way to introduce small children to art, and adults will enjoy learning or refreshing their memories, too. Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober are also the authors of "Sharing with Renoir", "A Magical Day with Matisse", and many more.

Reader Jennifer L. Humphrey recommends:

Good Night Moon was me and my sister's FAVORITE book as children. We used to make Mom read it over and over and over for numerous nights in a row. We would look diligently for the little gray mouse in each of the colored, full-page photos…because (how neato!)…he was always in a different spot in the room whenever you turned that page! Wow! Well, both of my boys (ages 7 & 2) LOVE LOVE LOVE to do the same thing when I read it to them. And, conveniently for me, the book now comes in the board-book style…so, no more ripped pages and crying fits. I highly recommend this book to all parents with kiddos from 3 mos up to 10 years…we never get tired of reading it.

Reader Julie Good recommends:

One of Mitchell's current favs (he's 4): "I love you Stinky Face"by Lisa Mccort & Cyd Moore.... we have to read it each night. We like to laugh at the funny ways Mom would love us even if we are a strange creature!

He also really likes the "How do Dinosaurs..." books by Jane Yolen (How do dinosaurs eat their food? How do dinosaurs clean their rooms? How do dinosaurs get well soon? etc) They are rhyming & funny and really bright colors to look at. Plus they have real dino names worked into the artwork.

Nate (he's 2) is into: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?" He loves to get to the different animals on each page (they are each a different color!) and we sing songs through the whole book, with Mitch chiming in before we get to each page. I have to get Mitch to let Nate guess what's coming next since Mitch has the whole thing memorized.