LAURA: The wise shopper extraordinaire.

Laura is wife to e$ and mom to toddler Noel. She grew up in Kansas City but currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her little family of three. She works full-time while her husband is a stay-at-home-dad. Laura's husband also runs an eBay business called "The Umbrella Shoppe" from their home. Laura gets major road rage on her way to and from work. She wears Converse to work and loves music. She absolutely LOVES vintage stuff and anything Old Navy.
Contact: laura[at]

AMY: The shopaholic extraordinaire.

Amy grew up in the hills of Pennsylvania and currently resides in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Eric and toddler, Hailey. She is a stay-at-home mom and can usually be found strolling along the Naperville Riverwalk, window shopping at the outlet mall or taking pictures of her little ladybug. Amy also contributes to the brand new Chicago Moms Blog.
Contact: amy[at]

How They Met:

Laura and Amy met through Amy's husband's music/mp3 blog. Laura made mention that she was pregnant and Eric said, "Hey, we just had a baby, you should talk to my wife". They started instant messaging each other regularly. They discovered that they share a love for music and all things adorable for babies and kids, not to mention all fabulous things for parents. After a while, they realized that they wanted to share all of their unique boutique findings with the world. That's how MumsTheWurd! was born. Interestingly enough, Laura and Amy are "blogger" friends but are as close as two friends who would shop or have lunch together could be. They plan to meet and hang out in person very soon, so stay tuned...