Enter our Holiday Scavenger Hunt!

There are 2 easy steps and 2 easy ways to win:


You simply place the event ticket button (shown below) in your post or sidebar of your blog/site's main entry page with the most visible view. The linked ticket button must be in place through the entire event - until Dec. 9th.

Right Click To Copy and Save As and link it back to MomViews.net or use the html coding provided (copy and paste what you see in the box):


Email a bunch of your friends about this event with a link back here and CC'd to bloghunt(at)gmail(dot)com


Answer the following easy blog hunt questions below: Deadline Dec. 9th @ 7pm Central Time and email to bloghunt(at)gmail(dot)com - Subject: Blog Hunt Entry

  • Will you be sending emails or posting the ticket in your blog or site? What is your site's URL ?
  • How or where did you hear about the Scavenger BlogHunt Party?