Olive Kids: Bedding for the Big and Little Kids

Slowly but surely, we have transformed my toddler's crib into her "big girl bed". We went from lowering the mattress, to taking down one rail, to transitioning to a full-on bed with no rails (up against a wall). Sure, it's a tad bit smaller than a twin size but all thirty-four inches of her (including at least 10 stuffed animals) fits onto it just swimmingly.

Speaking of swimming, for the entire month of March, the Mermaids kid's bedding is on sale at Olive Kids. The Mermaids' designs are so colorful and cuddly. Along with the bedding, you will find other matching room decor, such as; the Mermaids clock, wall border and framed prints to name a few. Some items can also be personalized. Click HERE to view all of the Mermaids' items at OK. This is one of the things that I love most about Olive Kids, they give you the ability to coordinate your child's room decor and accessories.

Now, I opted for OK's brand new Tea Party design for our bedding, since we have more of a "pretty in pink" kind of theme going on. Nothing says "big girl room" like tea cups and muffins! I love the light-weight, cotton comforter and sheet set. There have been some peaceful nights in our house now that she's all cuddled up in her Tea Party toddler bedding.

Olive Kids has a great selection of colorful, fun designs for both boys and girls alike. Whenever I am in search of some new decor and accessories, I always turn to Olive Kids because I know their selections will not disappoint.

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Check out the big girl Tea Party bed!


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

So cute!

I have the butterflies flower pink comforter for my 3-year-old. It's really cute.