The Learning Tower: The best addition to our home

My daughter is two and a half and loves to be where all of the action is. Cue The Learning Tower. I couldn't ask for a more sturdy, multi-use stool in our home for her age. We have our Learning Tower up against our breakfast bar/kitchen island. She climbs up to have breakfast in the morning, among other things like playing with play dough or "bathing" her toys in the sink. It's a Godsend, I'll tell you. Instead of her milling around under us, she props herself up in her "tower" (as she calls it) and watches/interacts from our level.

Some of the fantastic features of this piece of furniture are the adjustable (no tools needed) notches to raise and lower the floor, depending upon your child's height/age. The Learning Tower is available in three different stains; dark cherry, ebony and soft white. It is also available in a natural finish (lead-free).

An added plus is the Playhouse Kit. We've put on some pretty fabulous puppet shows using the roof and curtains. The Playhouse Kit is sold separately.

If you need to know anything else about The Learning Tower, head over to the manufacturer's website, little Partners. There you can view the numerous awards that have been given and find a list of retailers.

*The Learning Tower is available for the lowest price ($179.99) at Kiddin' Around. You can also purchase it together with the Playhouse Kit there.


Sarah said...

We all know my feelings on the Learning Tower. Namely that I WANT ONE!