Yes, Virginia, They Still Make Wooden Toys!!!

Wooden Toys You Say??  YES!!!
I had never heard of Melissa and Doug before I had a kid, but I am now crazy about their products!  They deliver a plethora of educational, colorful products, including some that are wooden!  I can't tell you how tired I get of primary colored plastic everywhere.  M & D are a breath of this crazy plastic world that we are bringing our kids up in! 

No, you aren't looking at a toy packaged in 1973!  You can get this brand new!
We already have this one.  Right now, Noel just likes to throw the colorful number blocks, but one day, perhaps he will learn to tell time using it (if the numbers aren't all lost by then)!
This is going to be a MUST.  Isn't it awesome?
A great place to easily amass your collection of Melissa and Doug products is in Kristen's eBay Store-go check it out!


Leigh said...

We have a Melissa and Doug sound box. It's two wooden boxes that you match the pictures together, when matched it make's that vehicle's sound. Of course Mike likes the train one best!